TWSX NEWS IX: The Grand Finals Begins!

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TWSX NEWS IX: The Grand Finals Begins!

Postby par73 » 08 May 2018, 14:05

The Bottom Bracket Finals has concluded in a match up between two teams that had both beaten each other previously throughout TWSX with the Bogans victorious over the Bikes in a 6-game sudden death match! Do the Bogans have what it takes to overcome the undefeated Band of the Red Hand? If they are to become TWSX champions, they'll have to beat them the same amount of times they've already been beaten by the Band! (twice) Meanwhile, the Band of the Red Hand can put all those who question their claim to TWSX as Champions, to rest. They can kick off their vacations early with a match win in the Grand Finals! Otherwise, the teams will meet again the following week to decide once and for all who are TWSX Champions. Let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet !


Grand Finals Schedule:
(1) The Band of the Red Hand vs (3) The Bogans Behaving Badly - 2pm EST Saturday May 12th, 2018
[reschedule pending]
At the moment, the match time sits at Fallback of Saturday 2pm Eastern Time on May 12th. With both teams boasting rosters of over 15 players, we should expect a full match of carnage ! :)

Week 7: TWS18 Grand Finals
Arcane Haven v.92 2t Trow - Territories - 12 Minutes
Download Link - by Kryptos
Acts of Piety - Capture the Flag - 14 Minutes
Download Link - by Ares of Creation
Arsaidh Deas-ghanth - Flag Rally - 12 Minutes
Download Link - by waywardone
Grilling Grounds - Last Man On The Hill - 10 Minutes
Download Link - by Soma of Creation
Quixotism (light) - Territories - 12 Minutes
Download Link by limp and hmp
Green Hell (2t dark) [Green Paradise TE 1.2] - King of the Hill - 9 Min
Download Link by Krille of Alliance
Caer Cadarn (dark) - King of the Map - 12 Minutes
Download Link - by badlands

In the event of a tie game occurring on CTF this week, the change to the Match Tiebreaker Sudden Death rule is as follows:
The Champion team (Band of the Red Hand) picks the map from the map list of TWSX, the Challenger team (The Bogans Behaving Badly) selects the game type.

Time Limits for tiebreaker game-types are as follows:
KotH, 9 Mins;
LMotH, STB, Koth (TFL), 10 Mins;
Territories, Captures, Flag Rally, King of the Map, 12 Minutes
Body Count, Capture The Flag, Assassin, Balls on Parade, Stampede and Hunting are Banned.

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