Phase III: Double Elimination (w/ Brackets)

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Phase III: Double Elimination (w/ Brackets)

Postby par73 » 15 May 2017, 10:14

Hello everyone, time to wrap this shindig up ! The group pool stage is now complete and the Double Elimination brackets have now been seeded!

First an announcement: Gabba and LSO have both requested to withdraw from the tournament. There will no longer be a Seed #4 vs Seed #5 match in both groups' double elimination rounds! I'd like to thank the both of them for their participation and wish them the best of luck.

The results of the group stage have yielded this seeding to wrap up LFC2017 !

Trow -
1. SlatE
2. HMP
3. Par
4. Jahral

Heron Guards -
1. Logan
2. Funk
3. Phos
4. Garnish

I will update this thread with some images later on to graphically display the double elimination information.

Right now, the scheduling is as follows:
Logan vs Funk
HMP vs Par



In the next round, the winners of these matches remain in the upper bracket to play each other and the losers of these matches play each other in the bottom bracket, respective to their group of course. Remember, if you lose in the bottom bracket you are out; The first eliminations of of the Double Elimination will take place in the second round. The Grand Finals is a first to 4 by 2, between the upper bracket champion and the lower bracket champion.

In case you did not see another announcement on the LFC main thread, it's worthy to note Phos has stepped up to contribute a partial prize that I will match. At the moment, the champions of the double eliminations will receive 25 USD upon winning their respective groups' bracket. I will be using Paypal to transfer the funds, best of luck!

Good luck and have fun Mything! :)


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