The Schedule

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The Schedule

Postby par73 » 08 Apr 2017, 11:57

Be Aware: The current schedule for TSO is pending to begin games April 22nd.

With 4 teams and a Double Elimination bracket and a week between rounds being an active participant on a team will result in having one of four schedules.

Current Schedule:
    Week 3 Match V : Red Thorver (RT) vs One Piece (OP), 3 PM EST Saturday May 6th 2017

Scheduling Procedure:

All teams will play the first two weeks of the tournament consecutively.
Week I will be Team A vs Team B, Team C vs Team D.
Week 2 will be the Winners and the Losers of those two matches pit against each other.
    - Winner of (A vs B) vs Winner of (C vs D); Loser of (A vs B) vs Loser of (C vs D)
Week 3 will be the loser of the Winner Bracket Finals against the Winner of the Losers Bracket Finals.
    - Upper Bracket Finals Bye Week
Week 4 will be the Grand Finals, where the Winners Bracket Finals Winner (hehe) will play against the Losers Bracket Finals Winner.
    - Unlike the other rounds, this is a best of 7 match.

The team who loses two matches in a row will only be playing 3 weeks, along with the team who wins the Winner Bracket Finals.
The other two teams will either play 3 or 4 weeks depending on their performance in the Losers Bracket Finals.

This is meant to be a quick, "pre-season" type event to get everyone in the mood for 2team prior to the events of Myth World Cup 2017! Please do not hesitate to find and join a team if you will be available on the weekends, very seldom do teams not need an additional player to play for them!

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Re: The Schedule

Postby garnish » 29 Apr 2017, 17:34

So, who do the tough guy bruisers, The Rakshasas, face off with today? Someone not worthy of our sword edge, surely.

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