Power Rankings #1

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Power Rankings #1

Postby Asmodian » 10 Mar 2014, 05:41

1. Victorious Secret - For the most part they were pretty solid, but they did not have the best attendance which could allow another team to upset them. Up next for VC is a matchup against WTC to decide who will move up to the #1 spot in the power rankings #2

2. WTC - WTC had an impressive and unexpected 3-1-1 victory over Breaking Bad. If they can beat VS this upcoming weekend they could create an easy road for themselves to the finals.

3. Breaking Bad - They have the talent and the attendance, now they have 2 weeks to find out how to put it all together. Despite their loss I think most would be surprised to not see them in the finals.

4. Deer - Although they are in last place in terms of points, it was still a very good result for Deer to get 3 points off of the tournament favorites. Its unfortunate they don't play boyz2men in the QR because they would help clear up the power rankings accuracy.

5. Boyz2Men - It was a disappointing showing for B2M. They need to get more organized ASAP if they want to upset anyone. Getting Zak more involved would go a long ways in helping their team be more prepared for matches.

6. Age - Everyone is happy to see age back and they got an impressive result in week 1 to give themselves a fighting chance for a top 4 finish. If they want to be a serious threat they should look to add more Japanese player like Duan, Killery and Muse.

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