Paris' Official Response to Ratking's Ratings

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Paris' Official Response to Ratking's Ratings

Postby par73 » 09 Oct 2013, 07:11

RK here's my analysis of your ratings by what you actually said (positive, or negative) per statement made.

Also known as,

Damn RK, You don't know how to read your own fucking Crystal Ball!
Give me that shit.

What do I mean by my Crystal Ball reading skills are tighter than yours?

here's how i measured what you said, through my crystal ball:
positive statements generally relates to positive impact or team building related statements, which are represented by + symbols next to the statement to the right of the period.
while negative statements involve doubts made about a team or player, which are represented by - symbols next to the statement to the right of the period.

disclaimer: These are basic qualitative and investigative methods of research.
They prove no validity/reliability like pretty much everything else posted on these forums.
Proving shit actually takes a lot more research than this.

Now that I have explained my technique, let's take a peek, at exactly what you speak.

Ratking wrote:Team Ratking

Let me say that I got the exact players that I wanted.+ Very suprising to me, usually I may get one or two.+ I think this will depend on the team and myself coming up with a good plan and being prepared before the matches.+ The only question mark for showing up is wwo, and I believe he will.- I think we pose a serious threat at the moment, but will need to prove ourselves before being considered finalist.- Overall threat rating 4/5.

You said 4/5, but on my scale you scored 3/5.


Ratking wrote:
Team Thor

Team THOR had a controverial pick with bagrada going as a top 10 player.- This may not be as bad as some people think.+ Shadow will show for all the matches and play pretty well.+ I think the biggest question is going to be edub and THOR working together stratting and in-game.- Can stb buckle down and do what THOR needs him to do?- Zak is also in the mix, will he be a help or a hurt?- Many questions swirl around this team. I don't think this team should be over looked, on any given week they may suprise someone.+ Their overall threat rating will be 3/5 for now.

You said 3/5 but Team THOR scored by my qualitative-to-quantitative judgement of what you said


Ratking wrote:
Team Paris

It seems that Paris has picked himself quite a team here.+ Players like tirri, Crun, and Arz should not be taken lightly.+ I think the biggest obstacle is going to be the players showing up and being prepared.+ Tirri, Arz, and slate are not guaranteed to show every week.- With no subs being allowed every week will matter here.+ Paris can organize this team though, so I think they will be a serious threat.+ The 3 role players they have will also be a question mark.- Overall threat rating is a 4/5.

You scored TP a 4/5, but you scored TP on my scale a


Ratking wrote:
Team Asmo


This team looks to be favored to win by many.+ On paper they have a great roster with their top 5 players being rated 4 balls.+ Their 2 role players are quite good as well.-[rated negative because you contradict this statement following the next with logic.] I can tell you that Mark will be unlikely to show, I have been down this road a few times.- Though he may suprise me, and I hope he does.+ This team will be riding high on confidence, and one bad week could have a mental effect.- Overall they represent one of the biggest threats in the tournament, 5/5 threat rating.

You gave Team Asmo a 5/5 threat rating.
Maybe this is because the team contains a lot of teammates you respect for this recent MWC win.
Maybe its because you actually "perceive" them to be the biggest threat, but I'll get to this later.[*]

You scored Team Asmo on My Crystal Ball

Also, every last statement about threat ratings were considered positive, as every team was depicted "greater" than at least half of a full threat (.500 1/2); i.e. the lowest was a 3/5 threat (.600%),
Every collective statement about a team increases +1/+1

Therefore, My Crystal Ball Reads

While you consciously scored your team and THOR's team at 3/5 (humbly),
and you consciously scored my team at 4/5
and you consciously scored Asmo's team at 5/5[*].

On my Crystal Ball
it actually means you scored everyone like this:

that means (ranked in numerically descending order)

Paris: 6/8
Ratking: 4/6
Asmo: 4/7
THOR : 4/8

I like the way you're projecting your team towards the finals as well as mine. I'll cya there buddy.
I got respect for your team and I'll be looking out for you.
[*] Oh yeah, here's why you shouldn't consciously perceive Team Asmo like a 5/5 threat at all. Even if you are just being nice to recent teammates on forums.

I saw someone posting about conscious decisions by mythers the other day during game play. I think it was PunkUser.

And to that I say, I don't think it really works like that; to play consciously, once you know how to play.

I don't think it works like that at all.


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Re: Paris' Official Response to Ratking's Ratings

Postby par73 » 09 Oct 2013, 23:35

A crystal ball reading can be interpreted differently, depending on who's reading the Crystal Ball.

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Re: Paris' Official Response to Ratking's Ratings

Postby Ratking » 10 Oct 2013, 19:44

This was good Par, I think it will take a lot of time for me to respond intelligently so I'll respond back when I can

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Re: Paris' Official Response to Ratking's Ratings

Postby switch » 10 Oct 2013, 20:40

Paris must be editing the next edition of GKG's Myth Push Factor® behavioral economics textbook. I think Routledge has the rights.


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