Adren's Threat Assessments

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Adren's Threat Assessments

Postby adrenaline » 08 Oct 2013, 20:05

Team Ratking

Ratking - decent player, decent captain
Sam - shitty skier, solid player
Dantski - good player, especially with light arty squads.
Captain - underrated and solid player/teammate
Palladice - has improved quite a bit... capable role player.
Wwo - crusty. best used as a rusher/mellee support.
Father Xmas - competent in small roles.
Codex - no idea... haven't really seen him play.

Team Thor

Thor - hilarious player, capable captain despite language barrier.
East Wind - solid as it gets and a great teammate
Professional Killer - vastly improved, underrated and solid in all aspects.
Shadow - suprisingly solid in the last couple tournies, good support player.
Zak - won't be captaining, so that's a plus. decent player when he is serious about it.
Killerking - also very much improved, and has become a capable role player.
Prometheus - no idea who this is. new?
SamtheButcher - small roles only, but can be decent with them. is fairly intelligent (though delusional), so could make some important plays.

Team Paris

Paris - captaining? i could see par being a good captain.
Tirri - as good as it gets when he isn't burdened by lag. probably shouldn't trow because of latency, but should destroy with other primary heavy hitting units. always look forward to facing off with him because the battles are epic.
Cruniac - has proven to be solid with trow duty, and that will probably be his primary role.
Arzenic - can do anything, and do it well.
Slate - like others have said... good BCer but utterly clueless in most other regards.
Funk - hit or miss... can surprise you with solid play sometimes then turn around and die retardedly. capable in smaller roles.
Arsenal - much like Funk, I think.
Empy - been around for years but I've never actually noticed his play. flag duty?

Team Asmo

Asmo - picked Team Canada as his first 2 picks, so that bodes well for him. Perhaps he is smarter than I've given him credit for.
Myrk - Canadian. We know how to play Myth.
Adrenaline - I leave enemy body parts in my wake everywhere I go.
Chron - was solid every time he showed up last time I played with him... expect nothing less this time.
Browning - not a heavy hitter, but shouldn't be relegated to smaller roles, either... somewhere in between. solid player.
PunkUser - has improved quite a bit and would trust him with smaller roles in a heartbeat.
Mark - won't show up and haven't seen him in forever so why bother.


1. Team Asmo - have all the tools to win this tourney if not plagued by poor attendance... 7 man roster does not help with that issue. Still, Team Canada will overcome all odds.
2. Team Paris - Probably strongest overall roster on paper, but I think Arz will miss a couple matches and Tirri may have issues with lag/attendance as well... that may handicap them somewhat.
3. Team Ratking - top 3 is probably more well rounded than team Thor's top 3... evenly matched, I think team RK will win this matchup.
4. Team Thor - EW/PK and Thor's zany strategies may not be enough to overcome other, more heavily stacked rosters.

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Re: Adren's Threat Assessments

Postby samuel » 09 Oct 2013, 04:07

shitty skier? LOL? lets play skate on snow gg gf

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Re: Adren's Threat Assessments

Postby adrenaline » 09 Oct 2013, 04:54

3-4 yrs ago i would have taken u up on that offer :) now i live in the flatlands of southern ontario where it rains more than snows in the winter and i have to avoid serious injury because i work for a living haha. And it wasn't really a hit on your skills... just your choice of hardware :)

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Re: Adren's Threat Assessments

Postby par73 » 09 Oct 2013, 06:30

sam once told me he only strictly snowboards

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