Roflmazzers Win Myth World Cup 2017

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Roflmazzers Win Myth World Cup 2017

Postby Giant Killer General » 09 Jul 2017, 20:57

The mazz force was too strong with the roflmazzers coming off of their recent mazz legendary win, and so they edge out a close 4-2-1 victory over Dragon Army. This marks Dragon Army's 3rd loss, thereby eliminating Dragon Army and ending the tournament. Therefore, Roflmazzers are this year's MWC champions.

You may now commence the hate and accusations of rigging.

In other news. we are doing an open all-star match next weekend at 2pm eastern on Sunday for anyone interested. The best 16 players that show up play. It looks like there is strong interest from most or all of both Roflmazzers and Dragon Army rosters, so we should have a decent showing.

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