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There has been no changes to rules, this is simply copy and pasted from the original mwc 2017 announcement so it is easier to find here.


-The start date is SATURDAY, JUNE 3RD for the first weekend of matches. The minimum tournament duration is 6 weeks, but 7 weeks is also likely. So the last weekend of the tournament is likely either July 8th or July 15th (subject to change if more than 4 teams register).
-This is a TRIPLE ELIMINATION tournament, no qualifying round.
-This is a 6 vs. 6 tournament. Of course, you can play more if the numbers match up, but it must be either 7v7 or 8v8 (no player advantages above 6 players) unless the team with less players agrees to play undermanned 6v7, 6v8, or 7v8. Such agreement to play undermanned unnecessarily is revocable at any point though in between games during the match (but not in the middle of a game already, obviously).
-Every match is 7 games. Target match duration is 2 to 2.5 hours.
-Matches are scored by win - loss - tie of games (no point system). Desert terries 12 min tie breaker game if needed.
-Fallback time of Sunday, 2pm EDT each week (open to schedule after as long as it is a firmly agreed upon time posted publicly on the forum that I can approve of).


-No roster limit (your roster is indirectly restricted by the 6v6 anyway, so choose the size of your roster accordingly).
-Minimum roster size of 8 players on a team to make 6v6 or even 7v7 likely, and so that there is at least the possibility of 8v8.
-Subs allowed if both teams agree. If needed, get specific players approved of as subs ahead of a match by the opposing team if in danger of showing up undermanned. Negotiate publicly on the forum and I will help moderate such negotiations to help make them as fair as possible.
-Team registration is open starting today, so you have roughly 2 months to figure out a team. Register teams in the other relevant thread I have posted for team registration (or click here).
-The cut-off day for previously registered players to change teams is Friday, June 16 (right before the 3rd week of matches). After that day, you are stuck on the team that you are already on.
-The cut-off day for unregistered players to be newly added to a team is Friday, June 30 (right before the 5th week of matches). After that day, the rosters for the remaining teams are entirely locked in as they are no matter what.


-Target of 4 teams, but as many teams that want to sign up can play, so long as they do not look like forfeit teams (may do a qualifying match ahead of the start date if there are many questionable teams signing up). I prefer quality over quantity with the teams, however.
-To make the brackets work as needed, I will either put in bye weeks for the teams at the top of the brackets, or make the teams at the bottom of the brackets play 2 matches per week (like an mwc bottom bracket).
-Maps will be chosen by Asmodian and other trusted myth figures. I am also open to some community suggestions. But basically my philosophy on maps is that I want half the maps to be BC-oriented (terries, koth, lmoth), and half to be very strategic (FR, KOTM, CTF) for each week, as well as the standard mix of trow / dark / light on proven, balanced, and interesting 3rd party maps.
-The tournament will be hosted entirely from this forum - no website.
-If a team shows with 4 or 5 players, they must play with the player disadvantage 4v6 or 5v6. If a team shows with 3 or less players against a team that shows with 6 or more, then the team with 6 has the option to take the forfeit win (but if they decide to play it out, then they must play it out all the way). If two teams both show up with less than 6 players against one another, they just play it out with what they have.
-Matches should be played in a tournament room as films must be saved, and to prevent guest/dummy accounts from participating in matches.

-If a player crashes, both teams need to decide whether they agree to restart immediately or not. If they agree to restart immediately, then restart immediately. If there is disagreement about whether there should be a restart or not, then continue playing the game and the rest of the match. After the match is over, figure out if the game with the player crash in question still matters for the match result. If that 1 game does matter, then the game should be replayed if possible. If the replayed game (now with no crashes) has the same result, then that settles the issue. If the replayed game has a different result from the original game with the crash, or if the game with the crash was not replayed and there is still a dispute, then I as the TO will review the film of the game with the crash to decide what happens (based on how I think the crash affected the result of that game).


Phase 1 - No team is eliminated

The first 3 weeks is a round robin.
-So week 2 is roflmazzers vs berserkers and legends of myth vs dragon army.
-Week 3 is roflmazzers vs legends of myth and berserkers vs dragon army
-If no team is eliminated yet after 3 weeks, a 2nd round robin starts until the 1st team is eliminated. If this is the case, then starting week 4, #1 seed gets an advantage by playing seed #4 again (#2 plays #3). Seeds get updated after every single week's results (decided by match records first, and who beat who for tie breaker).

Phase 2 - One team is eliminated

Once there are 3 teams remaining, the next 3 weeks grant bye weeks, ordered by seeding starting from the top seed and moving down. Therefore:
-First, seed #1 gets a bye week, so seed #2 plays seed #3.
-if another team is not eliminated yet, then, seed #2 gets a bye week, seed #1 plays seed #3.
-if another team is not eliminated yet, then seed #3 gets a bye week

Phase 3: - Two teams are eliminated (finals matches between last 2 teams until winner)

-Obviously once there are only 2 teams remaining, they keep playing until one team has 3 losses, making the other team the winner of the tournament.

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