Berserkers and Animal Kingdom

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Berserkers and Animal Kingdom

Postby Giant Killer General » 31 May 2017, 02:58

We have a bit of a controversy brewing in how this is going to work with 2 partially-formed teams vying for the 4th spot, so I want to address this in a separate thread.

First off, let me say that apparently garnish's berserker team is more organized than I knew about since it is all happening through discord and just nobody posted in the forums. I just found out from the myth lobby. So that is my bad in removing them. Sorry berserkers and especially garnish.

In my defense, I just saw absolutely no one post in the scheduling thread and so I assumed there was no progress made for the last 1.5 weeks that I was gone, and therefore further assumed that everything was the same as when I left (which was looking very bleak, and appeared to have very low interest from the berserker players for even participating per complaints from several of their players about being a cannon-fodder team). Also, I like to move fast with decision-making, so mistakes like this get made when I move too fast sometimes. However, I am also fast in correcting them, which I will do so now.

This is what we are going to do to resolve this and handle this situation:

Both berserkers and animal kingdom will show up to play against legends of myth at the fallback time of 2pm eastern. This is 1 hour earlier than berserkers had previously scheduled. Unless this is a massive problem for legends of myth or berserkers, I want to keep it at this 2 pm eastern time because A) that is the fallback time every week, and I don't want to make exceptions without good reason because it hurts the euro players, and B) this will start the match at the same time as the other match, so I can be present at the start of this match to see who shows up. If this time is a massive problem, then let me know.

Quite simply, this will be the decision process at 2 pm eastern on Sunday to determine what happens:

-whoever shows up with 6 players will get to play this match, and the other team will get a bye week to give them more time to get their shit together.
-If both teams show with less than 6, then the team with more players will play the match against legends of myth with whatever sub help that they can get from the other team. The other team will then get a bye week to give them more time to get their shit together.
-In the super unlikely event that both teams show with 6 players or more, or they both show with the same number of players that is less than 6, then Berserkers will get first dibs on playing this match (they signed up first), and Animal Kingdom will get a bye week.
-If both teams show with 3 players or less each, then they should all combine to play this match, and we will figure out what to do later, but will strongly consider merging these teams for the rest of the tournament.

So to summarize:

NEITHER berserkers or animal kingdom will be removed. Both teams stay, and everyone gets to play (for now). I will decide if one team is removed or not depending on how many show this week, and whether or not any progress is made for better organizing these teams. Any team that shows with 6 players this weekend and maintains their roster, I will guarantee a spot in the tournament. If we have 5 teams that are unlikely to forfeit or need much subbing help, then I will take them. I want as many people as possible to play. However, at the same time I also want to prevent forfeits from happening which wastes a bunch of people's time. I would only ever remove a team if it is at a high risk of forfeiting.

Sound fair? all good? any issues, let me know.

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Re: Berserkers and Animal Kingdom

Postby par73 » 31 May 2017, 14:15


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Re: Berserkers and Animal Kingdom

Postby cremisi » 03 Jun 2017, 20:17


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Re: Berserkers and Animal Kingdom

Postby garnish » 04 Jun 2017, 22:52

Lol crem.

I want to thank all the Berserkers that showed up today. We had more than ten players ready and able.

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