Week 1 Predictions

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Week 1 Predictions

Postby par73 » 13 Jan 2017, 14:03



Here are my predictions for this week. I left out the matches involving my team because I'm superstitious, and one time in 2004 dantski wrote a review that sealed his team's fate the following week. :o

I will do at least one score prediction and one scenario prediction.

Myrks in Heat vs Aspirational Heroes

Scenario: Myrks in Heat will field more players than Aspirational Heroes

Aspirational heroes sounds way better than Heteros, I crown them a new name. Did you know the word hetero is banned from chat on blizzard.net? The more you know...

If I had to rename MiH to better fit the team I'm sure "your mom in heat" would be most appropriate for a verminix lead team.

Myrks in Heat vs Pregnant Ghols
2-1 PG
I don't see CTF tying here because Akira has clearly rigged the tournament. He has some great teammates and sorm is due to shake his rust off sooner than later, plus he gave himself the most gloriously feared captain on myth, in THOR. Quite rigged ! I think mih can win the game on Pg CTF with the best chances out of any other map... Proving Grounds has been Kilg and Verminix's playground for years. I think AH has more players with better game IQ and independent thinking, I just don't think they will show up with as many on their squad as MIH

Scenario Prediction : Akira does not make Week 1 for Preggo Ghols' matches, dooming his team to lose Proving Grounds CTF

Aspirational Heroes vs Pregnant Ghols
2-1 PG
Player for player, PG likely has the advantage as AH has a few players older than stone hedge.
However with old age comes wisdom and preservearance through the tough times... Also AH is more likely to be missing a key player than PG. I gave PG the 8 Trow rating in this tournament as each of the players on the rosters have over 10 myth tournaments under their belt... The same cannot be said for most other teams if any at all. Because of these circumstances, I'm thinking someone will have to step up for AH so that cruniac can properly decimate his opponents.

Scenario Prediction: If 'thal' makes all 3 games, AH wins match.

Trow Lives Matter vs Stella's Concubine
2-1 TLM
I swear the last week of Myth Chat discord has pretty much revolved around SC's internal drama and it has been ugly. After taking a moment to wipe the vomit from my mouth, I realize that these internal team issues may cost Stella's Concubine games until they are resolved ( if, at all). Even with two players notoriously known for being average or above average, but with worse attendance than your typical high school drop out, I would favor TLM in this match up. It will be interesting to see how each team supports their respective Super Stars in this match, coming in the form of two of NA's most talented mythers of the day: Adren and East Wind.

Scenario Prediction: I predict plenty of in-team flaming between the members of Stella's Concubine, which has a potential to reach hilarious heights. Let's see if they can prove my prediction wrong !

Social Justice Wight Slayers vs Northern Trumpidans
3-0 SJWS
I think SJWS is a sleeper, but I shall let the results come in before I tell you why. This match up has a hot take between two of the top EU players on myth, Dantski of Myth III: TWA and the less famously known tirri. NT just made a trade to make all parties involved satisfied but perhaps weakened their team in the process, trading Kilgrath and KillerKing to MiH for Funk and Phos. Personal judgement aside, they could have made the best choice for their team creating a squad with the potential of fresh new beginnings as many of the players will be playing together for the first time. Tirri is the recent winning captain of The Cu Classic 2016, will he be able to call the shots for his new band of brothers? The clock is ticking.

Scenario Prediction: Jahral out performs Zak this weekend,you heard it here first!

So there you have it, Ten Predictions for this weeks games. Best of luck to all involved and hope to see you catching some games on Saturday.

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