Myth II steam group and Admin request

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Myth II steam group and Admin request

Postby Drunken ~Deer~ » 14 Jul 2017, 17:14

Just so you are aware my group is here to be used for everyone and to keep people active on myth.

I would find it great if we could use this more often now that we are required to activate our account via steam. Also you will tend to find a lot of myth players on other games and it is a good way to see if they are gaming to bring them back to playing myth. They just need a lil encouragement knowing theres a playerbase somewhat still out there.

As a request to admins, if there was some sort of way for a compilation of registered steam usernames on this website displaying who is online/offline with the top being the most recently logged into myth 2 it would be even better.

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Re: Myth II steam group and Admin request

Postby garnish » 15 Jul 2017, 20:26

Currently the usernames on Myrgard are from pre-Steam GoS forums.

If anyone knows of a way to grab a live Steam data stream for players logged onto Myth 2, we could display it somewhere on Myrgard.

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Re: Myth II steam group and Admin request

Postby punkUser » 12 May 2018, 16:05

I can add steam ID to the info. That should give you what you need. A web site update that should go live soon-ish will also provide links to the steam profiles of GoS players from the user pages (which in turn are linked from the live info).

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