TWSX NEWS V: The Qualifying Rounds Wane

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TWSX NEWS V: The Qualifying Rounds Wane

Postby par73 » 12 Apr 2018, 14:41

The Qualifying Rounds conclude this weekend on gateofstorms(dot)net. Bagrada Hilaris (3-7) play The Bogans Behaving Badly (3-7), while the battle for the first seed takes place between Band of the Red Hand (7-3) and Tandem Bikes (7-3). These are great circumstances for the final week QRs, as all of the teams are still in control of their team's seeding for the DE bracket. In an effort to make the transition from QR to DEs smooth, there is no game 6 tiebreaker for the qualifying rounds. Remember, tie games are worth half a point while wins are worth a full point. It would have been lovely to throw down two surprise 7 game series to end the qrs, but I'd prefer this to people leaving. The two finalists will get their taste of a 7 game series anyway...

Week 3: Qualifying Round 3 Official Maps
Territories - The Snow Throughout Your Nose - 10 Minutes - Download Link - by Zaknafein
Capture The Flag - A Poison Holiday 2007 (Dark) - 14 Minutes - Download Link
King of the Map - Snow on the Borderlands - 12 Minutes - Download Link
Flag Rally - Acts of Cruelty - 12 Minutes - Download Link
King of the Hill - Dead of Winter - 9 Minutes

Above is the map list for this weekend. The first four map picks of the QR3 finale have been inspired by picks of the two teams in the 7-3. I shift blame to tirri, LSO, Milk Man and limp for these inspirations!

Both QR3 matches are still scheduled for Saturday April 14th, 2pm (BH-TBBB) and 3pm (BRH-TB). BRH and TB are looking to reschedule, but if that falls through, expect to play fallback.

In other news, Preseason statistics have been finalized and the QR statistics are live. Thanks to PunkUser for returning to provide this feature, and Congrats to Renwood, who won the most games during the 3 day "preseason" event with a 18-2-13 record.
You can check out the statistics and recordings from those games here:

See you when the succeeding seedling seeding is done and completed,
Have a great weekend, enjoy!

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