re: TWSX promo vid - lol Par

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re: TWSX promo vid - lol Par

Postby adrenaline » 21 Mar 2018, 03:37

Where did you get these films?!
I almost won a couple of these games hahaha
The entire RoT roster was me and Kirk on multiple dummy accounts lol... I had myth installed on a few partitions and would play as multiple players in the same game. We actually had games with a full roster that was just me and Kirk controlling everything. Would often challenge myself to 1v1s and actually play vs myself to prove that I wasn't Splinter. Was pretty relieved that RoT never had to play NC... that would have been difficult to pull off convincingly. Man... Myth was so much more interesting back then...


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Re: re: TWSX promo vid - lol Par

Postby par73 » 21 Mar 2018, 04:50

haha i totally agree is where you'll find the RoT games
I realize now I did not notice the TWS09 film pack, I'm sure that would have added another 5-10 mins to that promo !

big thanks to ducky and Aki, RIP
until they are resurrected, of course, then may the carnage resume for them :) ... ms&for=any
honestly, most of us should all dump/submit gigantic archives of films to the link above :D

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