TWSX NEWS III: Preseason concludes this weekend! A wild 4th team appears!

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TWSX NEWS III: Preseason concludes this weekend! A wild 4th team appears!

Postby par73 » 20 Mar 2018, 12:08

Hello Gamers,

The first preseason week had it's mix of success and failure, with it's best moments coming on Friday Night in full team games that lasted over 5 hours. If you caught those games, I hope you enjoyed yourself and got a taste of fun perking your interest to stick around! Despite mentioning failure, I thought the results of Friday Night exceeded my expectations, and even helped to spawn a 4th team in registration.

This week, we continue the preseason games. I've added Saturday 2pm EST to the Preseason line up, as the turn out for Sunday was poor and did not indicate this would be the best time for weekend games to played in the future. Regardless, none of these preseason games are mandatory. We're simply testing the waters. Keep in mind we'll use a Fallback system for the tournament, but it is more important for the captains to work together and negotiate the best day/time for their teams to challenge one another. It is not MWC or the year 2004, where the only opportunity to defeat BME was through fallback abuse. Please respect your opponents as you would a teammate able to participate in our glorious games.

With 4 teams, I will not be scheduling Preseason in the same manner as last week. If you're willing to be the host of one of these events, consider this updated hierarchy for your game's participants. Both hosts on Friday Night had some great map picks on their own, so I do not see the point of posting a list of maps to be encouraged to be played. A host should realize however, that their use of 3rd party maps is going to help notify players who are rejoining the carnage of myth and lack specific plugin in their Myth 2 directory. Opening up with default maps (winter, desert, trow, cracks, clash) is great, but feel free to put up the classic 3rd party maps that will likely be featured during TWSX in order to assist the pregame preparations of your fellow participants. Any games hosted with at least 8 players during these times, in the format of 2-Teams Maximum, will find their way into the TWSX Preseason record books.

Preseason II Schedule:

March 23rd, 2018
11:00 PM Friday, Eastern Time (ET) - 8:00 PM Friday, Pacific Time (PT) - 5:00 AM Saturday, Finland Time (EET)

March 24th, 2018
2:00 PM Saturday, Eastern Time (ET) is 11:00 AM Sunday, Pacific Time (PT) - 8:00 PM Sunday, Finland Time (EET)

March 25th, 2018
2:00 PM Sunday, Eastern Time (ET) is 11:00 AM Sunday, Pacific Time (PT) - 8:00 PM Sunday, Finland Time (EET)

Hierarchy of Participants goes like this:
    1) Players registered to a team in the tournament.
    2) Players who have advertised they are available to play/substitute via these forums @
    3) All players who are online at scheduled gametime™ and offer to substitute in a match for the first time
    4) All players who are online at the gametime™ and offer to substitute in a match, and have substituted in previous matches.

Next week, the Qualifying Rounds begin. This signifies that team registrations will be open until the QR schedule is posted, at the moment we have 4 and that's enough in my book. I'll respect the results of the poll I've created, however.

Some quick notes about what the Qualifying Rounds entail differently from Preseason Rounds:
    1) Each team will be scheduled to play against each other once during this period of time.
    2) It's expected that the team captains will communicate to their players the gametime™ of their QR match.
    3) The results of the Qualifying Rounds determine the seeding of the Double Elimination bracket. (i.e. the most prolifically successful team will earn the first seed, a team who forfeits all 3 QR matches [0-15] would earn the last seed)
    4) QR Games, similar to Preseason, are not mandatory in regards to keeping your registered team in the tournament.

The Preseason 2 goal? Simply show up around the scheduled game times and join in on the games. If you're not on a team yet, this is a great time to showcase your skills to the registered participants and help stake your claim of being worthy to be added to these unlimited rosters by their captains. Those captains are : garnish, of Bagrada Hilaris; Milk Man of Tandem Bike; Lord Scary Owl, of The Band of the Red Hand; and Flatline, of Bogans Behaving Badly. We did not reach the goal of Preseason 1, so let's see if we can reach the goal this week/weekend!

Best regards, and happy Mything!

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