Bogans Behaving Badly vs. Band of the Red Hand:

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Bogans Behaving Badly vs. Band of the Red Hand:

Postby Seeker » 19 Mar 2018, 00:39

This post is about why Band of the Red Hand is scared of Bogans Behaving Badly and trying to spread doubt about our existence.

From the jump LSO has been clear about trying to steal the players on our team to join his squad as he's presently understaffed. This is unfortunate, and is properly diagnosed as the transparent attempt that it is to destroy the great comradery present in this team. Right now his team is a volatile keg ready to explode. It's a team full of players that LSO has yelled, screamed, and taunted at in the past (tirri, ratking, & Asmo). It is also a team whose best player (Cruniac) is looking to leave because he doesn't want to team with tirri.

On the other hand, LSO's archrival has managed to put together a Team of Rivals that combines some of the best players in the game once again. Headlining this team is Shaister, Ghengis & GKG. I have no clue how Flatline managed to pull this off but he did. Then, in a show of further amends, Flat managed to convince his bitter rivals, Seeker and Zak to join this team. Once that was done, it was easy to get Cu, Ska and Dantski on board. For backup forces, he talked to THOR, HMP, & Rawr. For his final coup, he decided to further stack this roster by bringing in paris and RUSSTRADAMUS. Rumors also state that rab and Enc are training hard in preparation for this tournament. We then added Chron1 to this team for more firepower. We assume that Adrenaline will be on our team. Don't even need to ask, what other team would he rather join.

No one can stack up against this Power 7:

Kudos to Flatline for assembling the best Myth team of all time. I am happy to be the 13th guy on the bench for this truly incredible team. I do not even need to go into an overview of LSO's team as his team cannot compete with the sheer ridiculousness of our starting roster.

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Re: Bogans Behaving Badly vs. Band of the Red Hand:

Postby adrenaline » 19 Mar 2018, 02:48

If THOR captains this team nobody else stands a chance. The sheer fucking degradation...

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Re: Bogans Behaving Badly vs. Band of the Red Hand:

Postby Flatline » 25 Mar 2018, 04:35

This team will rock everybody's world. it even has rabocan on it and me

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