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Threat Assessments: TWSX - 2018

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Key component of entertainment in the Myth Community. When Liger's MWC10 website gave all players ability to post TA's on individual player pages, TA glory peaked.
Suck, TA's are too judgmental and not fair for all of the players involved.
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One part of Myth 2 private competitions was always the talk of threat assessments. There's no fancy page where players have individual profiles, so you can stick your threat assessments of teams and players in this thread. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, so please, let the war of the threat assessments commence!

Garnish - The champion captain of The Spring Series 2017 has returned to claim his throne! garnish' approach to this tournament seems to be aiming to uphold the glory that is underdog and upset victories. He may not be the best micromanager or captain, but he does a great job complimenting his teammates skills and filling in where needed. 3/5
Vihaan/Vasazel - At the moment, VihVas is the most efficient player on Bagrada Hilaris, at the least, in terms of statistical output. Is Vihaan ready for his big roles on this squad? Time will certainty tell, he's played in countless underdog scenarios and has even overcome the favored victor on occasion. One of the few players who continues to improve his micromanagement and in-game awareness, I think Vih is the top threat on this squad. It's probably better for his sake I did not write this, but for the Egomaniacs quick to scoff off this assessment, I think he might just surprise them ;) - 3/5
Scratch - I haven't seen Scratch play in a long time. He's often best as a role player in team based games. With a few months of activity, he could be well on his way to an updated threat assessment - 1/5
Renwood - Ren is a total wild card. His strategic input helped secure the Berserker's victory over Dragon Army in Myth World Cup 2017! At other times, he blows up all his own units, some of his teammates, and fails to kill any of the opposing units. A player better known for his objective approach to myth, look for Ren to sneak your flag off when he flaunts your in-game awareness is worse than his ! 3/5
Sormiron - A wild Swede appears... Sorm of the ~PoOp~ ffa order prefers to work alone, but isn't the pushover in team events either. His rust will be less detrimental than Scratch, but he would need to get active to start flinging his ~PoOp~ Cheezefist style... 2/5
Oogabooga - Renwood's partner in crime for any and all things myth, Ooga brings a wide variety of skills and game awareness that is unorthodox to the common myth player. It has not been anything substantial for Ooga to make a big d0ng impact in traditional myth 2 tournaments, but he's definately had his moments of highlights here and there. He is the type of team player where, if the captain ask him to do something, he does it, and there are no questions asked. 2/5
Some Loser - Another Wild Swede Appears! Back in the day, Some Loser had great significance in the Myth Community. Whether it was playing for BI and Np or contributions to M3:TWA as well as, SomeLoser is not a name you'd be quick to forget if you've been around for ages. He might not be the best player in regards to skill, but he's a great guy to be around until he downs 2 liters of vodka in a mere 30 minutes. 2/5
Universo - A nice mystery player who's clearly been around the block one time or another, Universo made his appearance on Friday Night and certainly managed to hang with the big boys and overpower some of the other players as well ! He has a great host too, no complaints of lag across 10+ games or so! If he can show up for BH, they will certainly appreciate his contributions. 3/5
Shadow - A 2x MWC Champion, the man once known as Bagrada has found his way to team Bagrada Hilaris at the moment for TWSX! It seems he is very hungry to capture his first TWS title, after placing 2nd on numerous occasions. Shad has gotten better over the years and is now a solid contribution to any roster. I don't know if he has the courage to heavy hit for BH, he's easily the best if not the best player in regards to BC for this team. Regardless of his placement, he'll be a great teammate for any team he plays for. 3/5

Team Total: 22
Team Average: 2.4

• Akira - The Championed Captain of The Garnish Gala and Tournament Organizer of The Winter Draft Series (2017) has placed his stakes into the heart of TWS! Akira continues to add to his myth resume in these later years of 2team events, but he'll be quick to tell you how he used to love FFA tournaments that much more. Overall, Akira has been through it all. A former MWC and TWS champion, expect his leadership skills to leave a positive impact for his teammates; likely spelling doom for his opponents. 4/5
• Milk - More well known for his FFA 'mad skillz', the TO of the FFA League, and organizer of the Myther Diplomacy games, Milk Man has stepped into the realm of 2-team play over the past year or so. Sometimes the stubbornness and confidence he beholds in his own abilities to myth can be his downfall in 2-team styled play, and he should look to his more experienced 2-team teammates for the best approach on his opponent for the best results in this organized event. Is Milk the worst player on Tandem Bike? This could be true, which makes he and his team even more fearsome. 3/5
• Trev - The first of many TwdS champions on this roster, Trev is one of the few who have remained fairly active on myth since the end of MWC17. He has one of the best hosts on Friday nights, be sure to check it out! When you watch him play with projectile based units such as Bowmen or Soulless, you kind of get the feeling he's got a gaping grin spread across his face as he dodges and tears his opponents to pieces. His threat assessment is dynamic, contingent on the amount of alcohol he's consumed since he's woken up as well as the amount consumed the previous day. This sneaky tactic will lead opponents to underestimate him, but when he turns on the care factor and plays with a clear head he's more than a force to be reckoned with. 4/5
• Limp - The great liep himself has not been so active on myth over the past year. I've always respected his observational and strategical decision making over his micro management skills, but after he's gotten a few games under his belt he returns to a form forcing one to respect both. Larger than the threat of his clicking skills and in-game awareness is his ability to conduct psychological warfare with his opponents while remaining immune to their rebuttals. Tread lightly, if he decides to show up... 4/5
• •verminix• - VERMINIX was probably the #1 player following his return circa late '16 early '17. He was a key cog in the combination of MiH which swept TWDS. His biggest problem is his internet connection, but often he can still outplay his opponents so perhaps it matters not. If he solves the problem with his internet and is able to command his units with the same delay we all share rather than close to a full second of delay, expect the DENTIST to make mince meat out of the weak who creep beneath the bed sheets, praying for sleep. 4/5
• thal - Another TwdS champion, thal is so underrated it's not even a joke anymore. As soon as you think you have the upper hand on this guy, he reacts smoothly under pressure and flips the scale back into his favor. I won't be the fool to underestimate the tricks up this charmer's sleeve, will you? 4/5
• Kilg - Constantly a Dark Unit powerhouse, Kilg is a very solid player here. If he stays focused and controls his tilt, he's pretty much unstoppable. One of the champions of last years TWDS, expect Kilg to tag team his opponents with verminix at every given opportunity. 4/5
• Kirk V8 - The first Original Champion of The Winter Series in 2008 to sign up, KROK is well known for absolutely obliterating his opponents, and even winning games after it appears he has lost them. After the rampage of the ROFLMAZZERs in MWC17, one cannot say that KROK's attendence to coop games will have a detrimental effect on his ability to play 'reg' myth. On the contrary, he is more likely to have the best stamina in the context of playing a full match of Myth. Put a few trow in his hands, or a flank with multiple components of units, and you're dealing with the BIG KROKZILLA SS who holds no mercy. If you don't know what that is, observe the Finals films of TWS08 or MWC08 for a better understanding. The only benefit his opponents has against him, is that he's unlikely to show up for private myth events anymore. 5/5
• Tainted Bliss - TB has joined TB? Amazing. TB has not played much Myth in a long long time, but he's lurked in community forums and discussion groups for quite a while since his departure! I have doubts whether TB will show up to his team's games or not, but even then he should provide great morale support and is probably the best mascot a Myth team could ask for. Honestly, he's a great teammate, just ask those who have played along his side. TB certainly has a knack in attempting to humble the attrocious egos which grace our community. I'd give TB 5/5 for personality, but in regards to myth skill... 1/5 pedals of the sweetest flower
• URA - URA has been a name on myth over the past couple years, but has he begun to stake his claim to be a great myth player? Maybe in my eyes, but what is lacking in such insight is substantial evidence to support such a claim! I think URA is a great complimentary add for this team, I don't see where he would fit in for the other teams. Even then, he's been a bit inactive, but made his presence known in the preseason. Trevelyan is highly supportive of URA's mentality and tactics, so I'd like to see his man back up those claims and earn a well deserved threat assessment upgrade. I believe I'm underrating him, to begin with. 2/5

Team Total: 35
Team Average: 3.5

Band of The Red Hand
Lord---Scary Owl - LSO has been playing myth for about 4-5 years now, and is much more formidable than he was years ago. He often likes to captain or play with the heavy hitter units, but he's done himself a huge favor here and surrounded him with players who would be able to do the same. His major weakness during competition is his ability to control his tilt, which I feel many of his opponents look to take advantage of. The more he can deconstruct his own ego prior and during game time, the more resilient he will remain throughout his matches. Success wise, he's about 50/50 in 2-team games although maybe 55/45 would not be overly generous. In comparison, "Arzenic" is about 65/35 in 2-team games, "Cruniac" is likely around the same. This is easily the strongest roster he's built since he began managing teams a few years ago, in my mind there is no one as hungry for victory on the field of battle than the Lord Scary Owl himself. 3/5
Cruniac - Crun has constantly been in the finals of every 2team tournament since about 2012. He constantly outplays his opponents in battles of equal strength in terms of units, and is one to trigger hyper focus during engagements to truly manipulate and outplay his enemies. Cruniac is not only fairly an unstoppable fury of anime super powered ablities, he's a great psychological manipulator as well, often beating his opponents before a single point of damage has been inflicted in the entire game. 5/5
Gekko - Gekko has not really played myth in almost 2 years, I see he looks to change that soon ! Well, probably not, but over the next course of a few weeks I wouldn't be surprised to see him return to top form as he has done many times before. Often underrated as one of the players on Np's squad in the early years of myth, Gekko went from role-player to superstar colossus in the mid 2000s and has never really lost his touch. If he get's active, the only people safe are his teammates. They will certainly enjoy the versatile cushion Gekko provides to any team he plays for. 4/5
Asmodian - `SMO. What YOU know about the `SMO? What I know, well here's how it goes. He started out hungry, grumbling from the go. Got a taste of the dough, but he wanted some mo`. Quit Myth for some years, den came back wit sum Blow. Got all these cats addicted kicking out the front doe`, DE NAME BIG SMO`, double time T-O, 4 time on the throne, world cup to behold. So now you wanna know, just how the `SMO GO? He's retired and ol`, what flash can he throw? His flow bring the cash, Mormon basking in gold, IF U TUNNEL LIKE A TROLL, HE KIK J00 AZZ WIT DA TRO. 4/5
tirri - Well, tirri has won more tournaments than anyone, and can not play for long periods of time and return and play like the return of Jesus. Not much more to say here, except now that Gekko has betrayed him on Myth Diplomacy 2 I'd hope he understand why I told him to stab Gekko over 2 weeks ago. I certainly doubt this will lead to infighting, but he's about as likely to show up as Gekko or Kirk, attendence-wise. Just kidding, that's a shady misleading statement; As tirri is just a sliver higher more likely to show up (than G or K), and play in at least one game. 5/5
Ratking - RK is well known as a solid captain and respectful player on the fields of Myth. Growing older as an underdog on the scene, he's proven himself to be a capable opponent time and time again. He might not be able to attend as many games or devote as much attention to Myth after joining the Myther Dad phenomenon population, but he will no doubt be a great player to be playing with. If he finds the time to play more myth while managing all of his other responsibilities he handles, Myth will certainly enjoy the great company he brings to the table. A two time TWS champion looking to keep his streak alive, I need not say more. - 4/5
killerking - For what killerking may lack in myth skills, he certainly makes up for with his optimistic and uplifting personality! Kk has been around for some time, and has become a staple support player in LSO's rosters over the past few years. With some activity, he'll be able to fill in the gaps left open by the heavy hitters on his team. Will he provide them some of his notorious baked goods as well? Time will tell!
wwo - Waywardone has pretty much contributed to myth in every way possible aside from being a Head TO, and even then I recall he made an attempt where we all were unable to compliment another of his contributions. A member of the Fellowship of Stoneheim, and a player better known for his in-game awareness than clicking skills, he's a nice complimentary add for this roster. 2/5
Gamer - Is it the real Gamer? I don't know, but he certinaly plays his cards well ! If it is, Gamer is one of the former players of the FFA fanatical group known as ~PoOp~! I'd have given him a 2/5 rating if I did not see him defeat many opponents in the first week of preseason, it was very nice to behold! Gamer has a great team based personality and isn't one to simply give up just because times get rough. His clicking skills, as stated, aren't too bad as well ! 3/5

Team Total: 32
Team Average: 3.6

Bogans Behaving Badly
Team Total: -1
Team Average: 0

-Updates to come.
-Please, post YOUR TA's below ! Or dispute mine for how generous the ratings were, you decide !

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Is no one going to mention how dope that Asmo assessment was? Nice flow.

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Bogans Behaving Sadly

Flatline with imaginary friend

Imaginary team from the “mind” of noted cockroach of the myth community, Flatline. Maybe paris will show, out of pity.

Band of the Red Hand from Jackin it Too Hard

Crun ideologically seduces young NSO

Nazi team full of past-the-prime Finns who remain unapologetic about their nation’s past.

Bagrada Hilariously Bad

garnish looking for team mates

This team reminds me of the Children’s Crusade (LOL GET IT LSO?!). GL guys.


Milk giving his all to support BIG KROKY

Two thighs, already pumping the pedals with alacrity, join their rhythm to another man’s turgid, desiring flow of thigh-strokes. The bike accelerates. Sometimes, when a comet passes overhead like a man whose thighs are bulging, two men discover that they are connected not only by strong bonds of brotherly togetherness, but also by a strong steel top tube, running parallel to the strong earth which they traverse and litter with sweat-mixed tears of victorious joy. Tandem bike is a fleet of many tandems. Each of us acknowledges the unique and rigid bond between each of our other members. Our thighs slam the earth unison. That’s how we ride. Their resonance builds, like thunder. These joyful pairs of thunder thighs, like a herd of noble male, big horned bison trampling the soft earth of an open range of American Freedom, are sure to reduce the soft nazis, europeans, and noobs to mud.

Tandem bike is a team made up of white American males in their 30s who are dedicated to extreme, daily training, an absolutely unyielding, unbending, HARD and serious approach to the competitive Myth 2 scene. Thank you.

haha no


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all overrated noobs

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