LH vs McKong

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Lord---Scary Owl
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LH vs McKong

Postby Lord---Scary Owl » 08 Sep 2018, 20:07

Universo raged and refused to play because he said "our captain isn't even here, they should be forfeiting, this is the wrong time and day" after an official reschedule authorized by Seeker was approved.

I think he was afraid to get McKonged honestly
Quite sad Universo
You can mock me in random 2t games but when it comes time for you to put your big boy pants on, you just piss them

also we won 5-0 for those that care

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Re: LH vs McKong

Postby wwo » 08 Sep 2018, 20:47

How does a team that sets the match time only show up with 4? How would fb have been any worse?


Re: LH vs McKong

Postby Universomyth » 13 Dec 2018, 16:52

LSO cares about me so much. If only I'd been able to ignore my job today and '"put on the big boy shorts" to make LSO happy.

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