Ratings and Ratios for QR

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Ratings and Ratios for QR

Postby Dantski » 06 Sep 2018, 14:56

Gekko asked to see it so I obliged.

Note that things are a bit wacky in some places, Spoon is not credited with stats from subbing into LH vs NP however the rest of the games stats stand (it would mean Spoon would have more than 15 QR games which is not allowed). Otherwise things are skewed in various ways because not everyone plays the same opponents, gets the same units, plays every week etc.

I also chose to omit players who have not played more than 50% of games so far.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing

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Re: Ratings and Ratios for QR

Postby adrenaline » 06 Sep 2018, 16:45

Sweet, thanks for doing this. Do it again at the end of the tournament :) For some reason, the stats on GoS aren't sortable for me anymore... maybe it's the browser I use...

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