Gamer's Power Rankings

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Gamer's Power Rankings

Postby Gamer » 13 Aug 2018, 07:31

My power rankings are back. I did this haphazardly without any reviews or edits. My way of saying take it for what it is.

1: TMTS 3
GKG and Cru showed up and the TMNT 3 rolled over Garnish's Black Knights. GKG gave a rousing speech to start the season, and re-spoke it after Asmo showed up 20 minutes late. With two motivational speeches and the top half of the roster active and engaged; TMNT 3 are the heavy favorites to win MWC 2018. A solid challenge against Rat's overeager Shlong is up next.
QR1: Defeated Baron Kildaers Black Knights 5-0
QR2: Vs Shlong Dong McKongs
Week 1 Ratio HoOr: Cruniac

2: NP
Who saw this coming? The NP of glory days has been woken from their slumber.....well more like a drunken sleep walk to the toilet. But heh, just getting out of bed is half the battle in today's Myth community. There were sightings of Sb, XeL, and even Migraine. NP defeated a low manned 7th Legion 4-1 to show the community what NP is all about. NP has a motivated Tirri, a somewhat active Gekko and Arz, and stupidly low rated old NP players (who the F*ck knew they would show in 2018). If they continue to stay active and show, this is the team to watch out for. Will look to bring Team Good Players back to earth next week.
QR1: Defeated 7th Legion 4-1
QR2: Vs Team Good Player
Week 1 Ratio HoOr: Arzenic

3: 7th Legion
On paper, the 7th legion should have a team to challenge for the championship. But alas, this is 2018 and Myth players have lives (so they say). 7th was missing hvy hitters Shai, Sam, and Chron....that's a tough loss to overcome. Par, Adren, and Zak will give teams a scare, but unless they get more support this might be their highest ranking of the tourney. An interesting matchup vs seekers rabble team next week.
QR1: Loss to NP 1-4
QR2: Vs Legendary Heterosexuals
Week 1 Ratio NoOb: Pride of Elfoid

4: Shlong Dong McKongs
Cagey solid team lead by Ratking. Had a forfeit win over the caskets that caused much controversy and multiple flame wars. Damage was done, and we are all picking through the rubble of the tourney rules. VERMINIX broke his cap locks key, Limp started wearing black nail polish again, and GKG wants a recount. The underhanded deeds of Rat may have broken team Casket Lottery. Praise has been heaped on Rat's capping skills of late, we might all be truly underestimating his genius. Rat has a plan! The Shlongs will be the first team in MWC history to raise the trophy without a single sword lifted. The Shlongs have their tip pointed at the TMNT's next. GKG will look to hold his team out while all of the loose chads are counted.
QR1: Forfeit win over Casket Lottery
QR2: Vs TMNT 3
Week 1 Sly Dog: HMP with the 2.79 Dmg Ratio on games that don't count!

5: The Casket Lottery
Can the caskets overcome the mental mind games of Rat and VERMINIX? Or will this be the first team to fold and start watching Netflix without the chill part? A dispatching of garnish's team next week might be enough ducktape and bubblegum to hold them together for a few weeks.
QR1: Forfeit loss to Shlongs
QR2: Vs Garnishes' Black Knights

6: Team Good Players
Vas's team got a nice win over Seeker, although Adren had to ruin it for Vas with his Trowing critique. Team good players are feeling good and looking to show they can hang with the big boys. Well, NP is up next and looking to show that their previous MWC wins were no fluke.
QR1: Defeated seekers rabble team
QR2: Vs NP
Week 1 HoOr: Argos

7: Black Knights
I believe that JaHRal is stuck in some type of loop playing Trow lmoth over and over and over again in his mind with no end. He then breaks the mind loop to spiel savant ramblings, then back to Trow. This is a never ending cycle and we all get to watch play out. This is who garnish has giving the reigns to. God help us all. Jah will entrap the Casket Lottery in this mind loop and break Limp once and for all.
QR1: Loss to TMNT 3 0-5
QR2: Vs Caskets
Week 1 Ratio NoOb: Swatacular

8: Seeker's Team
You know when there is a rabble 2 team game that all the good players just left from. This is the leftovers. Sometimes you peek in, sometimes you play one, but you always regret it. Thanks for making an 8th team Seeker!! How far Flatline has fallen :cry:


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Postby Guest » 20 Aug 2018, 21:35

This is Gamer. On vacation to Japan, P.O. we’re rankings update will be delayed one week. Go find a different way to entertain yourself this week.


Re: Gamer's Power Rankings

Postby Guest » 20 Aug 2018, 21:36

This is Gamer. On vacation to Japan, power rankings update will be delayed one week. Go find a different way to entertain yourself this week.

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Re: Gamer's Power Rankings

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