Week 1 match up PREVIEWS

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Week 1 match up PREVIEWS

Postby tirri » 07 Aug 2018, 10:14

The best mwc since, quite possibly, 1999 starts off with a bang.

The casket lottery v Shlong Dong McKongs
Baron Killdeer's Black Knights v Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
Northern Paladins v 7th Legion
Team Good Players v Legendary Heterosexuals

I might preview more matches later on but obviously my biggest interest is in my own:

NP vs 7th legion PREVIEW

NP roster: rabican, arzenic, gekko, tirri, milkman, soulblighter, xel
7th legion: par, adren, shai, samuel, chron1, zak

I'm hoping for a good 6v6 match because these rosters are awesomely evenly matched. Here's a break down of EVERYTHING

Captaining / strategies
I give a rather big captaining edge to 7th legion and par, who I believe picked the maps and likes rigging. I think I'm captaining for Np and at a glance I don't recognize any of week 1 maps. I might check them out if I have the time but i'm not holding my breath.

Looks about even with both teams possibly having some problems. Maybe a slight edge to 7th legion who even though inactive probably have a better history of showing up for tourney matches.

Smartness and tactics
A somewhat clear edge to NP with most players having way above average myth IQ. While 7th legion has some in the form of Par and Shai, I think it's fair to say that they are lacking behind.

power hitting and bc ability
This is a tough one and probably the most significant one considering the outcome of the match. Honestly I don't know, maybe something like this
but then samuel gives an edge to 7th legion even though rest of np's roster might be more balanced.

role playing
NP ahead slightly with awesome, smart, role players with power hitting capabilities in sb, xel and milkman

Final prediction: an awesomely awesome close 3-2 victory for np, which gives them confidence TO GO ALL THE WAY.


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Re: Week 1 match up PREVIEWS

Postby adrenaline » 07 Aug 2018, 21:18

Will be a good match if we actually get a 6v6, but I think we will win ;)

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Re: Week 1 match up PREVIEWS

Postby garnish » 08 Aug 2018, 19:04

Baron Killdeer's Black Knights v Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
11 August 2018
4pm Eastern

RIVER TOWN (2T LIGHT) – King of the Map – 10 Minutes

The Ninjas will send max zerks and herons to the the peninsula East of the fort with flanks of smaller melee, followed up by locks and a fan of arcs. The Black Knights will meet the mid force on the peninsula, deciding against making a fort defense to the last man, and in their hurried retreat across the river lose 40% of their force to fast acting pus and heron action by The Ninjas. The Black Knights will scatter in every direction in an attempt to avoid the main force and work only on peripheral flags. Maturing into a running battle until the final 2 minutes where The Ninjas's overwhelming force comes howling from all directions, cutting apart every last Black Knight until there are only bloodied flag taggers left, lost and mumbling in the pine stands along the river.

DUN CARIC (SHADOW) – Capture the Flag – 14 Minutes

The Black Knights will split into 3 forces, with the 2 fgs in the woods to the North West. The Ninjas will send everything to the middle with max thell, mauls and ghols. The Black Knights's mid force will ultimately be overwhelmed at the river crossing. Exposing a straight line to the flag. The Black Knights's 2 fgs will have a hard time navigating through the steep rock out croppings. The two flanks of The Black Knights will try to slow down the The Ninjas headlong grab for the flag, but it will not be enough, and the Black Knights will be lost to the ethers.

19TH HOLE – Last Man on the Hill – 9 Minutes

The Ninjas will rush the middle with max zerks and ghols in a well spaced attack formation. The Black Knights's artillery will not be in position, and any of it clumped, will be caught out by pus ghols. The dwarf heroes will attempt to ward off the well spaced zerks and ghols, to no avail. The Black Knights's archers will be left to hold off the advance with only daggers and angry taunts.

BECKONING WILDS (TROW) Territories – 10 Minutes

The Black Knights will max on souls and artillery, projecting a Wild Porcupine posture, as it slowly moves in a loose rabble formation to the hill at mid crossing. The souls will keep The Ninjas's aggressive trow rushes from capitalizing on The Black Knights's arty heavy trade. None of this will hold for long, as The Ninjas will rush up the center with max mauls and claim a victoire sauvage.

THE FOUR LEAVED FEN (2T – DARK) Flag Rally – 12 Minutes

You will hear the clattering of max myrmidons running through the dark glen as the madness of The Black Knights's myrmidon-spider trade becomes evident. Split trow backing up the undead forces, weaving in and out of the fragile units. The Ninjas, from a position in the middle with max fetch, will promptly electrocute everything running at them. There will be little fuss to be had for the flags.

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