Teams that will lose mwc

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Teams that will lose mwc

Postby Fuck » 29 Sep 2018, 17:45

The casket lottery

team of semi-retired faggots and overrated roleplayers. Limp cant save this

Baron kildars black knights

Semi-regular but no talent losers with no team captain, will be annihilated

Team good players

Deer in 2018 minus anyone good or active, will be disqualified for low turnout.

Shlong dong mckong

Standard issue ratking team without Agents and featuring more aging regulars. Aims for finals but eventually fails

Legendary Heterosexuals

Fake team existing only so seeker can laugh unconvincingly at flatline. Sad

Northern Paladins

Theoretically strong roster but unlikely to show up. Eventually becomes bored and gives up to poach out tirri, arsenic and gekko to better teams.

The 7th Legion

Paris & Adrenaline drama team. Will implode once ego inevitability becomes a factor

Teenage mutant ninja turtles 3

Standard issue GKG team featuring your favourite mazz playing autists. Possibly so gay and talent so atrophied by nonstop mazz play some other shitty team might win but unlikely.

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