Open Qualifier Deadline Event - Sat 1pm EDT, Sun 3pm EDT

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Open Qualifier Deadline Event - Sat 1pm EDT, Sun 3pm EDT

Postby par73 » 27 Apr 2017, 15:07


Hello everyone,

Out of the 20 players registered and 14 players on the Standings who have played at least one match, 6 players currently qualify for the next round.
This is the last chance to dance in the open QRs. This means the time being able to officially rematch your opponents in a full match, advancing on the standings to a higher placement, and actually qualifying for the tournament will is coming to an end. The LFC 2017 tournament will be closing the Open Qualifier on Sunday April 30th. Group stage schedules will be posted by May 1/2, which will seed for the Elimination round that concludes the Championship. These schedules will be round robin, so you will be required to play every opponent in your group once. This is one match per opponent in your group only, and specifically for seeding. You are not eliminated if you perform the worst in you group, you will just be seeded against the top player in your group for the first round of the elimination bracket. You are not eliminated if you performed the worst in the Open Qualifier either, of course, only if you failed to play the 4 match minimum within 4 weeks.

LFC will accept the open 1v1 results up until 5/1, at 3 AM EDT, Midnight PDT.
Matches submitted following this time will have no impact on the rankings or qualification.

I have the time to host two concentrated events for the 1v1s this weekend. One could consider these events mandatory so you can finish your four match quota to qualify. You can expect the players who have been playing more matches than others to be online at these two times.

The first event will be April 29th at 1 pm EDT (10 am PDT), the second event will be April 30th at 3pm EDT (Noon PDT)

These gatherings will last for at least an hour, so if you're a little bit late don't be afraid to sign on and try to catch some games.
During this time, there is a good chance I may be able to report and record your results and statistics for you, instead of having to post in the results thread. This is possible on any occasion I'm able to be present for your matches as well.

If you haven't qualified yet, be sure to check out these events! Worst comes to worst, if you're the only player who shows up, you can simply 1v1 me to earn your qualification and I will seed you as best as I can. The ranking system will not be as accurate if you play the same opponents, try to play as many different opponents as possible!


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