Suggested Matches; QRs ends April 30

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Suggested Matches; QRs ends April 30

Postby par73 » 18 Apr 2017, 10:46

Hey guys,

So far we've had an interesting 3 week QR. The server has gone down for at least a few hours quite sporadically which is unfortunate, but I'm doubting it's impact on the tournament as 1v1 is a niche way to play a niche game that many are reluctant to pursue. Furthermore, I haven't mandated a LMOTH-only rule which some may find 'uninteresting'. Regardless, 7 of the 16 players who have signed up have played at least 1 match and 5 of those played have qualified! Some players are looking to fill their 4 match minimum quota, so to make the round robin and double elimination I've extended the QRs for a week, which means the OPEN qualifyer will close on April 30th.

The following Monday, I will be using the results to form two brackets: the Trow and the Forest Giants. The Trow will represent the top half of the players on the standings, the Forest Giants will represent the bottom half of the players on the standings. From these two groups, two round robins will take place, followed by two double eliminations. I will schedule the round robin matches accordingly, this will require some notable attendance to be taken care of by everyone involved. I don't want to move on from the round robin until all of the matches are completed, so please understand you won't be eliminated if you show up and lose all of your round robin matches; you will still be entered into the Do-or-Die Double Elimination Bracket for your respective group.

Remember, if you're not satisfied with your rating, you can challenge those who are ranked above you to advance. Two Grand Champions will be crowned at the end of LFC, along with worthy mention of the Pool and Round Robin winners!

Here are some suggested matches (Updated 4/23) that I would like to see played in the Open QR that I think will help the standings out quite a bit:

Priority Match : Ratking vs HMP

1) Ratking vs SlatE
2) Funk vs Ratking
3) Funk vs SlatE II
4) HMP vs Funk ii
5) HMP vs SlatE II
6) HMP vs Ratking
7) SlatE vs Ratking
9) Alfi vs Jahral II
10) Alfi vs Ether
11) Ratking vs Ether
12) Funk vs Ether
13) Funk vs Par III
14) Ratking vs Par
15) HMP vs Par II
16) Ether vs Par
17) Garnish vs Anyone
18) Vasazel vs Ether
19) Thor 6t9 vs Anyone
20) Gabba vs Anyone
21) Vasazel vs Jahral
22) Vasazel vs Funk
24) Vasazel vs HMP
25) Vasazel vs Ratking
26) Vasazel vs Phos
27) Phos vs Funk
28) Phos vs Jahral
29) Dantski vs Anyone
30) Mechanic vs Anyone

In regards to players who have yet to play but have signed up, you should try to play against any opponent. Sign on and challenge them!
You do not need to play 4 matches against 4 unique opponents, only 4 matches in total during the Open QR.

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