A stream of final thoughts

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A stream of final thoughts

Postby Cutard » 31 Oct 2016, 22:48

I'm glad many seemed to have enjoyed the Cu Classic. Limp's team was an epic fail, sadface. I have some new novel ideas for the next tournament if there should be one. It will almost be certainly a normal draft rather than teams I pick. Maybe a real prize as well, or a buy-in to play which contributes to the prize pool. Also I think there will be a point system for subs, so if you want a sub of say Arz's passive caliber then it would be 5 points vs a mere 2 for someone like switch or whomever. I'll have to mull it over.

Seeker was a relatively decent TO despite having really idiotic ideas, thank goodness I was around to right the numerous catastrophes that awaited you all. I guess that isn't complimentary in the slightest, it wasn't meant to be, this is a stream of thoughts. I see there's a lil bit of a flamewar post-tournament, that's exciting. Is GKG really a top 5 player, is tirri really a good captain, should I buy the percale weave sheets or go with the sateen for that buttery feel on the skin?

When a pus ghol throws a pus at your dwarf you should instantly rotate your dwarf and walk against the direction of the throw, it's really easy, looks slick and runs your dwarf at the max distance from the pus AOE when/if it blows up. It's frankly pathetic how few of you actually do this.

Another thing is that if you must anti-puss (you shouldn't unless you're out of position because you're a retard) then do it in front of your team's arcs or something that doesn't rely on two ghol swings which could be interrupted.

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Re: A stream of final thoughts

Postby akira » 31 Oct 2016, 22:56

Thank you Lord Cu for your most gracious and humble tournament.

Also limp should be banned from running a team in the next Cu tournament.

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Re: A stream of final thoughts

Postby limp » 01 Nov 2016, 02:08

Zak was supposed to captain, but i am scapegoated due to my CELEBRITY

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Re: A stream of final thoughts

Postby c⁄J⁄Iılk c⁄J⁄Iån ◊§t◊ » 06 Nov 2016, 03:13

Nietzsche aphorism 198 from the Gay Science:

Chagrin of the proud one – The proud man feels chagrined even by those who bring him forward: he gives the horse of his carriage the evil eye.

Thank you, Seeker, for an excellent tourney.

I greatly enjoyed the stream of thoughts, however.

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