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Postby wwo » 06 Sep 2016, 22:22

Based on how they will perform on the team as currently listed, with the delta indicator shown after (where the rating is on a generically composed team). Naturally, I'm taking not just individual skill and intelligence, but role and chemistry. Highly subjective.

[edit] This also means that a "3" on one team is not necessarily equivalent individually to a 3 on another, nor that it indicates 3-level performance on its own. A 3+ means that this player would usually operate at a 2 level generally speaking, but for chemistry or role reasons will be in more favorable situations either/or emphasizing a strength or protecting a weakness.

[edit2] It's guaranteed that I am wrong on a few people regarding current skill, whether it's overrating a veteran who can't shake rust or underrating a former coop-er who decided to git gud.

TEAM 1: 35+
rab 3=
Slate 3=
Arzenic 5+
Chron1 4=
Gekko 3-
garnish (wonka) 2=
Someloser 2+
tirri 4-
LordScaryOwl 3=
Revan 2=

TEAM 2: 42+
Father Xmas 2=
ska 4=
HMP 3=
bachner 3+
killerking 4+
Cruniac 5+
Ghengis 4=
Shaitan 4+
Adrenaline 4=
limp 5+
Funk 3+

TEAM 3: 40+
Ratking 4=
switch 3+
Coca-Cola 3=
Trevelyan 3=
argos 4+
Cheezefist 3+
Lizard King 4=
Paris 5+
Dantski 5+
Akira 3=
Gabba 3+

TEAM 4: 33+
wwo 3-
Garrick 3=
Scratch 3=
nitro 3+
Jeff the Meek 3+
East Wind 5+
Tycho X 0=
Kryptos 4=
Flatline 2-
Asmo 4=
Shadow 3=

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Re: TAs

Postby switch » 06 Sep 2016, 22:40

Only you, Tirri, Gekko and flatline have negative indicators. Can you elaborate a bit on how you came to this conclusion?

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Re: TAs

Postby wwo » 06 Sep 2016, 22:47


Tirri is among other smart players with decent to good bc abilities, which means he won't be quite in dictator mode because he'll expect others to help carry the metagame weight. This might let him bc a little more freely, but will also act as a natural dampener on game awareness.

Gekko is caught between role and leader here. On a lesser experienced/intelligent team, he'd be able to step up to 4=, but here he will be forced to pick between wide or narrow focus.

Flatline right now is playing on a shitty connection. Also his ISP isn't good. Haha. <kneeslap> Based on current but sparse evidence, his processing power is slow and his bc is only average. He needs some individual guardianship that this team cannot provide.

My motivation is horrible, other than not wanting to suck with my own units, so I'm rating me in the captain's role. If someone else competent/motivated were in the chair, I'd make myself a 4+ here. With just anyone, I'd be a 3=.

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Re: TAs

Postby Asmodian » 07 Sep 2016, 15:28

You need to update this now that the teams have changed!

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Re: TAs

Postby wwo » 07 Sep 2016, 21:15

I might, but the lack of indignant reactions was disappointing.

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