Why making "best players ever" lists sucks

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Why making "best players ever" lists sucks

Postby par73 » 14 Aug 2016, 23:46

By: Lists suck (MWC04)

First of all making any kind of best players list is impossible. You can't know everyone and thus you can't make a list. You would also have to make strict standards on how to make it to the list. People always randomly place people from different times to their lists. You'd first have to set some kind of average thing in order to place people from different eras into your list.

Why is this so important? Everyone with brains knows that gaming in the old days was very different from what it is now. In fact the level of "good players" back in 2000 for instance is nothing compared to what it is now. In fact the best players of that time would get called "newbies" now. People hardly ever used pus and no one even dodged sideways with archers back in mwc 2000. Overall playing was insanely sloppy back then with novaday standards.

When it comes to sheer skill, the best players of today would of course beat the old schoolers easily. That's why it should be them on top of the lists. But on the behalf of old schoolers there's always the fact there used to be more players, more competition, more care and more tournaments. However this by no means erases the fact that people used to suck bad compared to how the elite plays now. All you need to do is to look at old films and compare it to new one's. You can realize this simply comparing your own skills of that time to how good you are. Also these "I was at my prime then" talks are bullshit. You are much better now than you ever were. Everyone else around you just improved as well. You were at your prime back then if it's compared to the overall skill level of the time.

Of course even today you can't really make "best players of the date" lists either. Who's best in people's minds is usually determined by people's general image and not skill. Of course skill is always the main aspect but denying that player's image doesn't matter is simply just bullcrap. Some people will never get on the lists even though they should be and some people will always get there even though they shouldn't. Here's some overrated and underrated players and why they get under/overrated:

Cute guy image: This fits to players like Nemesis, Lakitu, ducky, ruin, apollo, head, erik and thalander. They are all top of the day but none of them will make it any list simply because of the cute guy image. They don't get taken "seriously" enough as players because they don't trash talk about myth skills enough. Nemesis does and that's also one of the reasons why he'll never get on lists, but I'll get back to that later. Magne is a bit of a border case between cute guy and asshole image. He's usually a nice guy but sometimes does trash talking quite a lot. He always does well and finnishes on the top of ffa tournaments but in his foc2 TA he is described as an "average" player.

Asshole image: This fits to players like BTT. This can also be described as the "being chohans brother syndrome". He started out as a flaming forum monkey with insane trash talk about myth skills. He is without a doubt a top #5 player of the day, but he won't get m2sbr because he trash talked too much and because people still think he can't be good because he's Chohans brother. Asshole image also help you though, just look at myrk. People still think he's insanely good when he's done nothing but sucking over the last few years. Why he has a 4 ball rating is beyond me.

The quiet guy image: People who don't use the forums or don't know too many people of course don't get on lists. People like this for instance are Shaister, Arzenic, Kugar, Chronic, Eibwen and the nfdf guys.

M2SBR image: This usually gets you on every list no matter how much you'd suck now. But hey, it doesn't matter since you were the shit back in mwc 1999 when no one even flanked in desert. For instance: Civil order. People keep saying that they would still beat everyone. Hey sup, they wouldn't. Any team who places top 10 in this tournament would kill them.

People always list so many different people in their lists depending on who's doing the list. Usually all their friends get there and that's also one of the reasons why making these lists is so utterly fucking stupid. Here's few examples:

Limp bizquik: Lists buttheaps of people who played for 6 months and quit after mwc99. He makes an exact top 100 players list out of these people. He laughs at everyone who didn't play in mwc99. (HEY WHOA IT SURE MATTERS A LOT THESE DAYS HUH!!?!?)

Drizzt: Lists all np players and doesn't give any credit to anyone else. (HEY YEAH WHOA NP HAS WON EVERY TOURNAMENT EVER ORGANIZED YEAH!!!)

Chohan: He started his list last year with "here's a list of talented players --> outside <-- OA... Basically his lists are as biased as it can get.

Nemesis: Same thing as with chohan and drizzt, lists all the people he likes. Granted, lakitu is underrated badly but he's not exactly the best either.

God cops (hillus): Lists all his tfl ordermates.


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