Two Leagues From Nowhere

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Two Leagues From Nowhere

Postby ScaryMonster » 06 Aug 2016, 15:29

Imagine that you are organizing a baseball tournament.

Your entrants are three high school state champions, one junior college team, the
Boston Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs.

The problem here should be self evident.

I propose that Myth acknowledge the existence and need for two separate leagues of

I propose that they be

    the Open league.
    Which would be open to all levels of play


    the Private league.
    Which would only be limited to players or teams that the members of the Private
    league admit unanimously.
Perhaps the community prefers to name the leagues differently, let the discussion decide.

I think it should be clear to all involved at this point that there are two
completely different motivations around participation in the MWC.

I cannot speak for those who play in the upper echelons, but for myself, I am just
delighted to be able to play on a team in a semi organized manner.

The QR which seems to have be so controversial was, for me, great fun.

Further, I feel that now would be a good place to start this division.

Let MWC 2016 be split into the MWC 2016 Open and the MWC 2016 Private, or
whichever names are selected.

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Re: Two Leagues From Nowhere

Postby Revan » 07 Aug 2016, 01:04

At that point why even bother calling it a tournament or league... just get your buddies together and play some games to complete a full 7-9 game match. There.

End all this pointless tourney talk and just play your regular games..

GKG's thing is basically his invite match again.

Paris is more of a tourney regardless of your feelings of how its run. MWC and just about all tourneys these past few years have been basically one sided and always ends with same two teams going at it which is basically GKG's argument for seceding (although tws introduced a 3rd team in the form of Syn), which i agree with.. but calling a match with 2t a 'tourney'.. really? stop jerking yourselves off and just call it a match and be done with it, you don't need to blow it up so much.

uhh enjoy Myth guyz, if you want hardcore games done, go and join up with gkg and his cronies. if you want to be welcomed no matter what your skill level is; join Paris's games, I quite enjoyed the actual games in TWS that i was in.

heres an idea, if you want to prove you're the hardest core player/team ever.. and still want to call it a tourney. Do what many MLG shit does and set the teams to 4 players max. Not sure about roster size for myth since you need to take player absence into account but the ideal scenario would be 4 players max and that's that.

4 players max would create at least a dozen teams with the current player base..

divide 4 by the 3 teams with decent players combined with some of leftover playerbase and you got a solid tourney i would think.

4v4 puts more duty on all the players etc and truly makes a game epic.

uhhh rant over?


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