DE1 Scheduling

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DE1 Scheduling

Postby Lord---Scary Owl » 03 Aug 2016, 02:43

OK since paris isnt addressing this particular issue, I will. We have 2 teams quit the tournament because of their lack of heart. So our matchups are messed up. If you didn't know, BT and TWF dropped out

While we still had 8 teams DE1 matchups looked like this:

BT vs PoR
Syn vs n.i.

Since BT and TFW have left the teams PoR, and AGEHA have no one to play, so they will be showing up Sat/Sun without games. Zak with some hidden kindness in his heart is trying to gather a group of rabble men to play AGEHA, because they are just innocent Japs.

Now our DE1 Matchups look a little like this:

___ vs PoR
___ vs AGEHA
Syn vs n.i.

The teams were ranked by Points Seeding in 3 QRs, and therefor matched up accordingly.
The first solution to this lack of teams problem is that we rematchup teams like this (according to points):

GoM vs PoR
Syn vs ITNH
n.i. vs AGEHA

But then comes very little time for rescheduling and a big NO NO for the already messed up tourney. So even though it would ignore the point of points, the best option is to have AGEHA and PoR play (6th and 8th place).

GoM vs ITNH Sun 5 EST
Syn vs n.i. Sun 5 EST
AGEHA vs PoR Sat 8 EST

IS this a good decision? yes or no?

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