Post QR3 Power Rankings

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Post QR3 Power Rankings

Postby Ratking » 01 Aug 2016, 02:34

#1 - BT
Only team left undefeated, but still untested. So far they have only lost 2 games to GoM. This week shows them doing what their expected to do with their captain and core players in attendance. I hesitate to put them at the top due to a very easy QR schedule but I think they have earned it.

#2 - TWF
TWF got the forfeit from ITNH this week. They were present enforce however and looked ready to rumble. I'm putting them ahead of syn not so much becasue of what they have done but what syn isn't doing. They still have yet to beat a contender but this week I think their presence in the #2 spot is warranted.

#3 - Syn
Roster issues continue to plague the TWS 16' champs. This week syn squeaked by a NI squad playing mostly 5v8 going 3-2. That said, syn has had the hardest QR schedule and has won 10/15 games. We're battle tested but could certainly use more core player attendance. Kilg, demo, akira.. we need you guys!

#4 - ITNH
Not a good week for ITNH and they hold the #4 spot based on what we know they can do. They lose Dantski due to attendance issues and drop in the QR (not a huge deal). Hopefully they rebound, we'll see.

#5 - Gods of Myth
GoM pounds PoR despite PoR having help. This is a good sign from them and who knows, they may surprise a few teams in the DE.

#6 - NI
They gave syn a run for their money this week. Very strong attendance showing from them with 12 players logging game time. I think the match was a moral victory for them and could foreshadow upsets to come. They were nice to play with as well. Phos is doing some good things and I commend his efforts.

#7 - AGE
Another week of tough results for age. I expected them to do better given their schedule in the QR. So far they have only beaten PoR, but that isn't saying much. I think they could use some more activity and rust shaking before they become a real threat.

#8 - Prophets of Rage
Swept by GoM. They had players available but showed a lack of the skills needed to challenge other teams. For example, they could really work on their use of puss. They have a tough road ahead in DE as they are probably facing BT week 1.

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