Official Asmo's Fantasy Draft Tournament Finals Predictions

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Official Asmo's Fantasy Draft Tournament Finals Predictions

Postby par73 » 05 Sep 2015, 15:55

WELL FOLKS its been a short 3 week span and as we have the upcoming grand finals of this tournament we have a lot to look forward to in terms of competition and who can make the most mistakes

lets start it off by looking at the teams who made more mistakes than the others costing them their week 4 scheduled mayhem

TIRRIANISOURS REX - well better luck next year guys as the constant melee rushing and advanced strategies implemented were likely detriments to the outcome of this team. once predicted by the oracle giant killer general to be #2 and rematching team halimpa in the finals, this team reminds us all of team cremisi except this time asmo drafted it

SUICIDE STUDS - this team did a great job coming together and i thought they did great for what they had. missing kilg really hurt these guys, as well as adren and captains lack of presence. this team is a great example of why having 1v4 2v3 playoffs before the finals (on the same day) should have been considered especially in light of the low number of roster sizes and reported issues with attendance, this keeps the gameplay consistent and gives everyone a fair chance when teams change week to week; they literally lost by sending the rex to extinction in round 2, perhaps by having the worst record against them compared to the contenders and perhaps by psychologically turning them to chimp food

asmodian and the chimpmunks: the core of this team is highly reminiscent of WTC whos leadership seems to have gone from THOR to Ratking to Asmodian, the upgrades and downgrades are entirely perspective and asmo did himself well in this tournament by taking the opportunity of being in control of drafting the teams. the biggest issue on this team now is showing up in week 4 stronger than they have in weeks 1-3, where they tied two matches and stomped another. word on the street is they may have some players missing in what should be their finest hour because they would rather sip martinis at the beach. what's truly working in their favor is their most important player chron should be starving for a 2team win and stays out of the drama

limp and the arzmyrkdantski: rumor has it limp may or may not have won this tournament in the earliest stages, having a say in asmo's big board and manipulating dantski's value in the eyes of his customer like a true buisnessman.
unlike donald trump, limp has a good chance of leading his party to victory this sunday. haluna matata, for its been no worries for players like tsg and switch who have likely performed better than in any other tournament (even with everyone obsessing over tsg's mistakes when he has given less of a fuck than any other participant involved ever, yes, less of a fuck than father xmas). their weak point is easy to identify: the ball is completely in their court. will they suddenly start making more mistakes than their opponents? unlikely, but stranger has happened

with the likelihood of substitutes playing a role in this weekends finals, let's look at some of the most likely candidates for this position

tirri - the likely hero

grim - rumored to have bribed asmo in his dreams with a mcp party invite

drunken - a game changer when it comes to underdog upsets and substituting in draft tournament settings

zak - has played on all teams, twice

dac - nominated mwc finals mvp

gkg - the quality of the match would reach new heights

dantski - known traitor

arzenic - known traitor

cruniac - equivalent to rawr in sub value? hard to say

lso - equivalent to rawr in sub value? hard to say

father xmas - not allowed to go incognito as doom

late additions :

kryptos - the play myth administration strikes again

ghengis - likely available following his dota 2 retirement

east wind - da doctor is in da houz

it should be an interesting match up this weekend folks ! best of luck to the remaining participants

East Wind tmnt
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Re: Official Asmo's Fantasy Draft Tournament Finals Predicti

Postby East Wind tmnt » 05 Sep 2015, 23:44

Arzenic wrote:i like this

I agree

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Re: Official Asmo's Fantasy Draft Tournament Finals Predicti

Postby limp » 05 Sep 2015, 23:57

East Wind tmnt wrote:
Arzenic wrote:i like this

I agree

you really took the words out of my mouth

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Re: Official Asmo's Fantasy Draft Tournament Finals Predicti

Postby Lord---Scary Owl » 06 Sep 2015, 16:31

i wish i could sub.
me ≠ rawr in play.
i could pull off a sub spot for nitro or argos though, but i have a party for 'mericans at 2.
gl asmo's team
shame on you limp's team

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Re: Official Asmo's Fantasy Draft Tournament Finals Predicti

Postby rawr » 11 Sep 2015, 00:53

lmao fucken paris..

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