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by Vihaan
14 Nov 2016, 18:23
Forum: Eblis Stone
Topic: ATTENTION! - GOS Forums near future
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Re: ATTENTION! - GOS Forums near future

wonka wrote: And, all four of the autohosts currently hosting games on the metaserver are mine.

by Vihaan
18 Jun 2016, 15:12
Forum: Eblis Stone
Topic: MWC2016 Pre-registration
Replies: 184
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Re: MWC2016 Pre-registration

No team will ever be as great as ~∂eer~
Too bad half the squad left after dominating Myth II: Soulblighter.
by Vihaan
22 Jan 2016, 11:10
Forum: Eblis Stone
Topic: Dope techno
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Re: Dope techno

Jesus Christ Mord Fustang, Zedd, Odesza, Major Lazer, Porter Robinson aren't techno, they're shitty big room edm producers The only thing that comes close is Faded and that's deep house This is an example of techno: Here is a good example of tech house you...
by Vihaan
21 Jan 2016, 19:18
Forum: Eblis Stone
Topic: scratch and switch
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Re: scratch and switch

Switch gives SQUIDROCKING movie reviews and Scratch played with you on deer lol
by Vihaan
14 Jan 2016, 11:41
Forum: Eblis Stone
Topic: worst players in history
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Re: worst players in history

Pogue wrote:I forgot to add the DerpCity mayor himself, Alfi, to the list. Kid was a barrel of laughs.

lol Alfi
by Vihaan
27 Dec 2015, 04:31
Forum: Eblis Stone
Topic: TRUMP
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...I am a top executive with a company in the top 5 on the Fortune 100 list, and I also run a 200 acre farm which I own. I have 2 Masters degrees and I belong to one of America's most prestigious intellectual clubs, Mensa. I have no problem getting laid when I feel like it. I'd rather be considered...
by Vihaan
21 Sep 2015, 00:13
Forum: Myth World Cup 2015
Topic: Myth All-Star Invitational
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Re: Myth All-Star Invitational

Me too! You, me now this 14 year old from Georgia. Isn't the cycle of life lovely?
by Vihaan
01 Sep 2015, 13:31
Forum: Myth World Cup 2015
Topic: Myth Super Mega Ultra All Star Teams Co-Op
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Re: Myth Super Mega Ultra All Star Teams Co-Op

I would be interested
by Vihaan
10 Aug 2015, 21:08
Forum: Myth World Cup 2015
Topic: Asmo's Draft Tournament 2015
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Re: Asmo's Draft Tournament 2015

I'll play
by Vihaan
05 Jun 2015, 09:01
Forum: Eblis Stone
Topic: M2 for mac
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M2 for mac

Hey guys, nice to see that the server is still alive, I hope to be back in time for the World Cup
I'm using a mac now so my Old Myth 2 CD doesn't work anymore, can someone be kind enough to direct me to a working mac dl?
See you guys soon

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