[Group Stage] Final Results

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Re: Group Stage Results (as of Week 3)

Post by par73 » 29 Jan 2017, 20:43

all of the teams should have 7 matches played following the group stage

NT has played 5 matches

Re: Group Stage Results (as of Week 3)

Post by jahral » 29 Jan 2017, 20:31

I like how this shows all the win loss stuff. What troubled me is that the ranking should all be for the same number of games played as some have had 6 matches and some only four. I think that whoever has had more matches should get to drop their worst performance and then average things out. We are trying to find the 4 best caps and then their teams will fill up with those who have been eliminated making for an action packed playoff? I think that's how I understood it anyways but to rate people when some have had more opportunity to win does not seem fair and balanced. I'm sure after week 4 things will sort themselves out. To me to see all player stats for tournament listed by our damage ratios would be a big way to earn bragging rights and it would question the ball rating system. It answers how we all did though sometimes I sacrifice men trying to conquer flags or whatnot so my damage ratios are out the window but still...... like to see it. This tournament is being run so well it makes me look forward to the next one. thanks

Re: Group Stage Results (as of Week 3)

Post by akira » 29 Jan 2017, 18:53

should be caught up with updates now

we're only missing 2 matches from 3 weeks of play!

Re: Group Stage Results (as of Week 3)

Post by par73 » 29 Jan 2017, 14:26

I've updated all of the stats and statistics recorded thus far

Here's a link below if you're interested to see how you and the other players are scaling up


Remember, if you're using a non films room or having a guest account. There is a good to 100% chance your statistics may not be entirely accurate. If you're using your own account, and using any of the GoS.net rooms that say "Films" "Tournament" "Ranked", then chances are the stats for those games will be available.

If any other results are missing from Akira's Standings display, be sure to post here as Kilg and Flatline have done. Thanks btw dudes

Re: Group Stage Results (as of Week 3)

Post by Flatline » 29 Jan 2017, 09:35

Our game wins are wrong.
SC played at least 5 matches today. and we went 10 wins 5 losses

SC vs NT = 3-0 win for SC
SC vs TLM = 3-0 win for SC
SC vs AH = 3-0 win for SC
SC vs $ = 1-2 loss for SC
SC vs Myrks = 0-3 loss for SC

so unless we played some matches other weeks we should be at least 5 matches with 10 wins.

I have no idea if we have played any previous matches to this week.
Tirri I held down the fort for your legacy today and went 6-3 in games, I just hope you're proud of me. I even captained which I hate. Thanks to hmp for subbing in 2 matches also. HMP is probably the most underrated player on myth 2.
Our results were posted by hmp in the other thread.

ps. At least vieforpower shows up unlike seeker

Re: Group Stage Results (as of Week 3)

Post by Lizard King » 29 Jan 2017, 01:30

Your standings are off, we 3-0'd TLM and paris said that forfeits are legit, so we 3-0'd stellas as well. Not really our fault if they don't show up at the scheduled time. Mih should be 13-4. Update: played rematch, MIH 3 STELLAS 0

[Group Stage] Final Results

Post by akira » 29 Jan 2017, 00:16

Group Stage Final Results
twds17_week4 standings.PNG

Congratulations to the
for winning 16/21 (76%) games in 7 matches.

Final Group Stage Results by week

each team plays up to 7 games, 1 against every other team.

FYI to teams: there are no forfeits in the group stage. It's up to each team to schedule matches. It's only a forfeit if the other team is purposefully dodging match scheduling. You have 5 weeks to find a time for 7 matches. There's no excuses other than laziness.

lmk if something is whack