8/11 worse than 9/11

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Re: 8/11 worse than 9/11

Post by par73 » 14 Aug 2019, 04:49

8/11 worse than 9/11

Post by Homer » 14 Aug 2019, 00:41

Thousands of people didn't die in DE1 but it's fair to say that the overall tragedy of the day cuts deeper, because we are not victims of terrorism but of our own failures. And that my friends is so so much worse. Especially at the hands of the Ratking. My arch nemesis Ratking, is pure evil, and deserves no credit, but I cannot hang my short-comings on anyone but myself.

NC's fall at the hands of whatever Ratkings team is called can be seen above, 4-1 was indeed a horrible day. Flatline can be seen jumping from the building, not because he had to though.

In the words of Liger, we were blind-sided yo, by a hand picked pile of shit maps that were never played by anyone since their initial creation in hell by the Spider Queen. It's come to my attention that the Spider Queens influence is vast, and that her network of thrall is embedded deep into the fabric of myth characters circa even before TFL. Of course she has some underlings that have yet to be unearthed, but it's safe to say Renwood is a spider queen loyalist and under her complete control when it comes to the inner workings of myth influence he has long been at her beck and call. She tells him what maps to make and what maps to pick, she tells him where to go eat, and when to go afk, she has even potential control over his extended family and friends, namely Jahral TOAD. The Spider Queen is powerful, mark me, she has a way of slowly taking over ones mind until their thoughts and actions are no longer their own.

Direct evidence of how sundays maps were picked.

Once one thrall has been compromised the rest of her slaves follow suit and before you know it we have a abysmal Sunday of maps that feature, yes you guessed it, Spider Queens. Now even some of Myth's once more independent minds are forced into a submissive lull by the whispering of fools.

Those who try to resist are usually killed or incapacitated until their moment of opposition is past. Some did try to resist Sundays map picks but they were...disposed of.

Sunday before match time I found Adren's body stuffed under a station wagon, paralyzed, hence my tardiness. His groans were barely intelligible and while nursing him back to health in time for game 2 of our match he kept struggling to say something. Finally in a last ditch effort to talk he mustered what was left of his strength and yelled, "RAISINBARNNNN!".

We rushed back to the game but it was too late the match had begun, and the damage was done. One fucking disaster after another awaited us as we were subjected to the picks of the queen.

Dante launches a nuke onto my head wiping all my units out with his insane height advantage.

We were unsure of how to continue as a team, how to rally after every map was just another blow to team morale, banter on the discord ramped up and panic set into the voice chat. Rasinbarn finally came into play and moral of the team sputtered out to nothing as the queens were dealt out.

The day was lost, and the Spider Queen's minions had won. They continued on with their days going about her beck and call with no rhyme or reason to the tasks at hand. Jahral ate his rasin bran quietly at his table staring into the wall, milk dribbling down his chin. He loved Raisin Bran now, could never have enough.

Her followers are out there, but knowing who they are isn't really helpful until we find the queen herself and destroy her, Myth will always be threatened by those she holds sway over. Never stop fighting the good fight my friends.

Brought to you by fucking photobucket.

Special thanks to the Spider Queen for planting her eggs in so many brains.