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The Drunk TFL Slugfest tournament Image

What does slugfest mean?
Slug-fest is a type of unit trading in myth that involves the use of maximum melle and limited ranged units such as dwarves. To this end the tournament will not be made in the traditional slugfest (Thrall, Wig, Dwarf) but involve all melee units excluding myrkridia. However the tournament will be Including Trow, Forest giants and dwarves. This is my personal take on slugfest.

Points will be awarded for the following critera

3+ points awarded for a victory
2+ points awarded for most damage
1+ point awarded for most kills

The tournament will consist of the following units prohibited to be select during unit trading
Warlocks (all variants)
Dwarven Heroes
Myrkidian Giants

Important note: Wights are not to be healed for the use of pus, However wight explosions to pick up pus remnants including large pus are allowed. You may heal enemy wights and steal their pus as well.

How will this work.

Q: a player in my divison is useing a restricted unit. What do I do?
A: Any Unit selected on the restricted list will result in the game being restarted (being void)and that player imminently disqualified/eliminated for the rest of the tournament.
You must provide me a direct link in the Gate of storms film section to the incident as evidence or else the accuser will result in the penalty and the accused will be able to play on!
Q: Who gets awarded points in a 2T game?
A: In 2 Team games and Allied games every player on the winning side is awarded 3+ points for the victory. The top two most damaging players get awarded +2 points and the top two players who killed the points receive one additional point each respectively.
Q:How will times being played be determined.
A: I will be using the MWC system of fallback timezone using the default American timezone (2PM-4PM EDT)only unless otherwise specified from that team, however scheduling between your own divisions is highly recommended.

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