Change your user-name before June 14

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Change your user-name before June 14

Postby punkUser » 12 Jun 2013, 02:31

As Myth World Cup 2013 is starting this weekend, I'll be disabling user name changes this Friday (June 14th). If your user name isn't currently what you want to use on the metaserver, please change it before then.

After that point it will still be possible for administrators to change user names, but it will only be done in special circumstances, not routinely. As you guys know by now, please feel free to continue to use guest accounts as much as you'd like, and thus change names as frequently as you want.

For the purposes of Myth World Cup however, I imagine Paris will want you to use your registered accounts (which can be enforced by playing in a tournament room).

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Re: Change your user-name before June 14

Postby Pyro » 13 Jun 2013, 01:24

To change your user name go to the following:

User Control Panel > Profile > Edit account settings > Username

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