WTC Final Word

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WTC Final Word

Postby shadow » 12 Aug 2013, 10:39

We didnt make another upset yesterday, and even show up our average play. That was fail.
And it's not about any personality in WTC, that was team crash, miscommunication and wrecked team chemistry. Bad day.
May be we start to care and actually want to make it to finals ?
(WTC never talk about strats etc before matches, we all just show up and follow Thor's lines on map but yesterday we try to keep it serious.)
Anyways, congrats to Agents ! They deserve to fight for MWC Ring in finals.

Since that is (probably) last MWC for me (mb everybody) leaving Myth without participating in main tourney... ain't good. So I'm glad i did it in WTC.
Nobody thought we will make it so far. Just bunch of random, average players w/o dedicated captain. And even when we get Thor as captain and Kilg as heavy hitter nobody expect good perfomance from us (some players was like : Thor cap ? Just lol ! Kilg ? Not even 4 baller nowadays ! bla bla bla, 100% guarantee. And then we take unexpected third place, and make few pretty funny upsets. Great matches.

P.S #2
Better luck next year Liger !

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Re: WTC Final Word

Postby par73 » 12 Aug 2013, 12:17

lol i signed on from work and heard things like "WTC has been stratting for hours" so i imagine it was THOR alone in some room.

BBF matchup was dope coz no-matter who won the BB semi-finals we'd be playing a team who beat us in the QRs.

i thought WTC's run was cool, from being Milkman and Head Hunter's "lets just forfeit and quit" team to rawr taking a leadership role and uniting a team that made it to 3rd place. Beating ZOMG and TMNS were great upsets and great goals that WTC had accomplished.

Had I set up the 'sub-tourney' based on team performance and upsets, there is a good chance WTC would have won that sub-tourney with their performance.

Also lol @ liger getting added to a roster and benched for the 2nd time in mwc history (mwc07). Not really sure how that happens but just lol, superstitious peaples.

I would like to note that the last time there was a good BB-SF upset it was probably mwc05, when Hand of Allah (TB, clank, karma, flatline, wwo, henry-mbp, henri-sb, xel, trix [dummying on karma's account lahl]) took out Unholy Alliance (BME [Magne, Cho, BTT] + Shai + Liger + Chron + Fire + Migraine).
Having the possibility to be compared to HoA is a great accomplishment for WTC, imo. Thanks for playing guys!

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Re: WTC Final Word

Postby Lizard King » 12 Aug 2013, 13:33

Meh i blame myself for that last series, too much booze and no sleep made for sluggish crappy play. Great run though and a fun mwc regardless!

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Re: WTC Final Word

Postby East Wind tmnt » 12 Aug 2013, 17:11

you know this last MWC talk has been going on for since '02, when there actually wasn't a MWC. Its now 11 years later. Even if notable ppl stop playing.. show still goes on.

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Re: WTC Final Word

Postby frozenfire » 13 Aug 2013, 23:31

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