KROK: Traitor to 'Merica

A single berserk reached us yesterday, after having come all the way over the mountains from the city of Willow, fourteen hundred miles away. He delivered to Alric a single package the size of a man's fist, wrapped in rags, and refuses to talk with anyone about events in the West.
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KROK: Traitor to 'Merica

Postby DBSeeker » 21 Oct 2016, 18:47

KROK is a traitor to America.

He was very strong on Trump the Savior at first. He fought hard for him on these boards. He fought against the evils of feminism.

However, when Trump started to falter, when it was clear the system was rigged, Krok turned tail.

When Bebop mocked KROK over his beliefs, KROK did not stand up. He sat down. He decided to talk football instead. Only a traitorly coward like KROK would back down like that. He is vile, horrible. The worst American.

You are terrible & should be ashamed KROK.

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Re: KROK: Traitor to 'Merica

Postby BIG KROK V8 SS » 22 Oct 2016, 03:37

Who is bebop and where did he talk about my beliefs?

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