How to fix TWDS in Week 3

by The Myth Council
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How to fix TWDS in Week 3

Postby par73 » 26 Jan 2017, 15:27

okay bros this is your friendly neighborhood parpar reporting in.

i'm here to throw some tourniquets on these forfeit matches wasting peoples time this tournament.

we are here to play myth, are we not ? that is the main point of this post. therefore i'm going to gather some information from key figures of stella's concubine, tirri and adren.

i will attempt to schedule with the other teams on their behalf for this weekend. i will attempt this on week 4 as well if they are not all caught up as well
it's important to bring up the only other team in a similar scenario to sc, and that's aspi lead by garnish. they have two missed matches as well, and one of them happens to be against sc. i'll be coordinating a good time for cruniac into this with that in mind.
another team, [url]TLM[/url], is caught up in this mix. I'll keep chron in mind and the potential idea ew can show up, and drop scratch a line about what he thinks will work for his team.

aspirational heteroes is only scheduled to play NT this weekend.
they have missed matches against stella's concubine and TLM.

stella's concubine is scheduled to play SJWS and NT this weekend.
sc has missed matches against TLM, $oMR, MiH, Aspi.

TLM is scheduled to play PG
their missing matches are against AH and SC, THE TWO CULPRIT TEAMS.

my plan is to polarize SC's schedule, with the early matches centered around tirri and slate and the later matches with flatline/adren.
they will likely need a subsitute player. the later tirri and slate can play, and the earlier adren and flatline can play, will bring the team together despite having terrible timezone conflicts with so few. Battle wagon and seeker, of course, are wild cards in this event.

The Week 3 Official Schedule:

SC vs NT

SC vs $oMR

MiH vs $oMR
AH vs NT

SC vs MiH
$oMR vs PG

SC vs AH


this schedule, if it's not obvious, requires the most flexibility from the Northern Trumpidans team, who happens to be scheduled to play both of the teams I would like to help out this weekend. Trev has told me he is available all saturday, and i realize he does not speak for all of the team or the captain of the team, but this is a rough draft idea on how to proceed and get all teams caught up in one weekend.

teams of course can collect their forfeits if they are too afraid to play the "warm-up-the-server" games that were scheduled when akira gave us an entire month to play them.

anyway let me know what you think. it's a long shot, but I think it would be able to produce a solid day of mything this upcoming saturday. if teams wanted/needed to dribble games to sunday, it's possible as well. this is just an idea how to get it done in one big marathon of duds and broken dreams.


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Re: How to fix TWDS in Week 3

Postby par73 » 26 Jan 2017, 18:29

adren he has reported he will not be able to make this weekend, which does not bode well for stellas 5 and 6 pm games unless flat and vfp want to play with a sub, or slate/tirri want to stay up late.

we can likely count those games out and aim to have them played on sunday, or during the week 4 games.

@sc vs ah, sc vs tlm, even sc vs mih

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Re: How to fix TWDS in Week 3

Postby par73 » 27 Jan 2017, 14:10

Expect MiH to decline replaying the match forfeited to them by SC at 5pm. They have no interest.

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