week 3 predictions

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week 3 predictions

Postby par73 » 25 Jan 2017, 15:29

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okay taking out my teams matches:

sc matches:

so sc probably forfeits both of their matches again ! im not predicting any of those otherwise! althoguh its quiet possible for an early afternoon team of tirri and slate to play with a sub, and a late afternoon flatline/adren to do similar.

i don't know what the maps are and both of these teams have best attendence in the tournament ! my prediction is i will review all 3 games of this match !

AH vs NT
well i think garnish will schedule with some loser but we will have to see. i could be very wrong with this prediction considering last weekends results. hey i wish cruniac would be playing but life just can't work out the way you want it.

chron showed up for TLM last week which is good ! TLM really need Chron and EW to take out the 3 headed beast of akira myrk and hmp that does all of THOR's bidding.

2-1 PG with no EW

either way im already half wrong ! lets move on

oh thats that.
well 4 of the matchs i wont predict but those are how i think things will turn out.

bonus points to stellas concubine if they borrow the idea of having a tirri/slate team show up early to play against one team and having a flatline/adren team show up later to play
they could literally get all of their matches done on saturday if teams are around and the server has been hopping.

it's been interesting to see who's turned out so far, as the group stages end which team will be the victor? how many of my predictions will i bamboozle with terrible premise?
who cares?

good luck this weekend!

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