2, 4 or 6 team playoffs? STIR THE POT !

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2, 4 or 6 team playoffs? STIR THE POT !

Postby par73 » 24 Jan 2017, 22:26


but i know we can heckle him with our opinions.

so this small team tournament isnt too bad. surprisingly more than half of the teams signed up are actually playing with each other even though akira chose to put together some teams that have worse chemistry than a failed meth lab.

but how about the future? in 3 weeks we'll have playoffs. the group stage results will have been set for a week. 4 of the teams will be set to be eliminated in order to be drafted to the 4 better teams through the group stage trial by fire.

how should this small-team event end?
the top 2 teams deck it out in a best of 7?

the top 4 teams who will be drafting give it a go? a semi-finals then a championship?

run the top 6 teams?
teams 3 and 6 battle, teams 4 and 5 battle. the lowest seed winning plays seed 1, the highest seed winning plays seed 2. then championship

clearly we can't do top 8 as getting all 8 teams to be online at the same time has been quite an issue.
what are your thoughts?

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