Week 2 Predictions

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Week 2 Predictions

Postby par73 » 17 Jan 2017, 16:15

predictions recap:

mih vs ah
wtl no
field more players? yes

mih vs pg
score no
scenario yes

ah vs pg
score no
scenario yes

tlm vs sc

sjws vs nt
score yes
scenario yes

4/4 in scenarios and 1/4 for score for a 5/8 total ! tlm and sc did not play :(
i'm off to a not so bad start, i suppose i got away with murder with the jahral pick outplaying zak, zak didn't even show up!
he's too busy with stella :)

so what's the happenings for week 2?


Killing Grounds KOTH 7 mins normal difficulty map on
Venice LMOTH 12 minutes normal difficulty map on
Trow Terries 12 minutes normal difficulty map on

kicking off the predictions in week 2, I expect a repeat of MIH's strong showing in week 1. They had all of their players online and split their games. Lizard King is on fire, leading the boards in all non-ratio statistics. TLM's cap showed up and they were able to play Dantski as a subsitute. rumor has it chron will be able to show up this weekend, but east wind would be the key here to convince me they could win the match, or even a few games. we'll have to see if scratch can gather his forces, I BELIEVE IN THE TOILET PAPER SQUAD!
score: 3-0 MIH
scenario: Chron shows up for all 3 games for TLM!

SC and MIH were polar opposites last week, a full showing to a no showing. However SC has had some major roster changes, with LSO dropping his captains seat to the newly acquired tirri, and leaving SC. This will be a close match if tirri and/or adren show up, otherwise I see MIH taking the field here. All of these factors make predicting the outcome of this match this week rather unreliable.
2-1 MIH
scenario: MIH wins KG and Trow Terries

Heteroes have had the strongest performance of the group stage so far, winning both of their matches in the previous week. This is even without the appearance of their Ace, Cruniac.
3-0 AH
scenario: TLM loses at least one heron gaurd hero to an explosion.

AH vs SC
Heteroes will probably have a tougher time against SC, TLM. That is if SC shows up. I still see AH taking the match.
2-1 AH
Scenario: Gabba blows up at least one friendly unit.

PG vs NT
some loser vs THOR could create for the match of the week. the brazilian champion captain has yet to show face in this tournament, but with his presence spreads fear through the sturdiest of scandanavian ranks. speaking of scandanavians, NT traded away their better scandanavian for the hot headed young gun LSO. We will have to see if this makes an impact for NT, who were swept the following weekend. I predicted PG to be the strongest team in this tournament, but they were missing 3 key players in Akira, Myrk and THOR. They should edge NT with at least one of those players showing up.
2-1 PG
scenario: Lord Scary Owl blames at least one teammate for something. :P
the safe bet was trev would show up day drinking

SJWS is out to a hot start, undefeated and has their Ace showing up to play. I wont yet reveal my secret thoughts on SJWS being very deadly, because I want more results to make their way to Myth's Front Page News before I spill the beans. It could be a shock to some. So i suppose one could say this would be match up of the week, in my book. PG, whom I predicted the strongest prior to the tournament, and the undefeated SJWS might have one of the best sets of films to review in Week 2.
2-1 SJWS
scenario: YOLO outperforms SORMIRON

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