Thread of Greatness/Record Books

A single berserk reached us yesterday, after having come all the way over the mountains from the city of Willow, fourteen hundred miles away. He delivered to Alric a single package the size of a man's fist, wrapped in rags, and refuses to talk with anyone about events in the West.
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Thread of Greatness/Record Books

Postby BIG KROK V8 SS » 29 Jul 2018, 03:51

What you are about to see are some of the greatest moments in Myth history, created by yours truly. Records that have, and will most likely never be broken in a non-fixed situation.


Screenshots include:

-70 Kills on Gyre
-PG BC Game where I take the lead with 140 damage, and end the game at absolute 0. Nobody could ever replicate that.
-51-0 PG FFA that included GKG (100% win)
-52 Kill Trow on PG FFA
-59-1 Trow Game on Remnants
-64 Kills on Gimble
-77 Kills Badlands
-80 Kills Float (3 teams)
-83 Kills Badlands
-95 Kills on PG FFA
-107 Kills on FFA Chest

I'd like to see anyone top some of these records. Or if you just want to see what greatness looks like, have at it.
screenshot- 2018-07-28
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