TWSX NEWS VIII: The Home Stretch

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Who wins the Bottom Bracket Finals?

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Tandem Bikes
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The Bogans Behaving Badly
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TWSX NEWS VIII: The Home Stretch

Postby par73 » 02 May 2018, 12:47

CHAPTER VIII: The Home Stretch

The dust has settled in DE2. The Band of the Red Hand sits at the top of the tournament bracket awaiting their future finals opponent in a best of seven while banishing The Bogans Behaving Badly to the bottom bracket. They have won the right to win the tournament in a single best-of-7, while their opponents must defeat BRH twice in Bo7 matches to claim victory for themselves.

In the bottom bracket, Bagrada Hilaris and Tandem Bike battled for survival in TWS, with The Bikes emerging victorious from the skirmish. This leads to a DE3 match up of Bikes vs Bogans in the bottom bracket finals this coming weekend, and the winner is granted an opportunity to win TWSX. Special Thanks to Bagrada Hilaris for participating despite facing overwhelming odds each week


Week 6 Schedule:
Bottom Bracket Finals:

(2) Tandem Bikes vs (3) The Bogans Behaving Badly - 2pm EST Saturday May 5th, 2018
[reschedule pending, to Sunday]

Shuffle off this Mortal Coil (Dark) - Territories - 12 Minutes
Keep Across the River (TFL) - King of the Map - 12 min
The Barrens - Capture the Flag - 14 Minutes
Stalk on the Borderlands - Flag Rally - 12 Minutes
Like Driving on the Railroad Tracks - Last Man on the Hill - 10 minutes

There are at the least two rounds remaining in TWSX, with the potential of three in the event RBD, who has lost 0 matches, lose their first match. It's time to make your bets whether the likely champions, the undefeated Band of the Red Hand, will win the finals. Or does one of the underdog teams have what it takes to take down an enemy that has beaten them before? Time will tell, and we can expect some great games to be played regardless of the end result!


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