TWSX NEWS VII: Crunch Time

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TWSX NEWS VII: Crunch Time

Postby par73 » 24 Apr 2018, 16:23

We've arrived at DE2, in a double elimination tournament that means the eliminations of teams kick off following this week's results in regards to the match in the bottom bracket.

Last weekend, the Band won their match against Bagrada 3-0 while the Bogans played the bikes 3-1.
That's sets the following stage for this weekend...
Double Elimination Bracket:

Week 5 Scheduling:
Top Bracket Finals:
(1) Band of the Red Hand vs (3) Bogans Behaving Badly - 3pm EST Saturday March 28th

Bottom Bracket (Elimination 1):
(4) Bagrada Hilaris vs (2) Tandem Bikes - 2pm EST Saturday March 28th

DE2 Maps:

Caer Cadarn (Trow) - Capture the Flag - 14 minutes
Download Link
Tamaerlin Light - Territories - 10 minutes
Download Link - by Malkavian
Cursed Earth (Plague Lands) - Last Man on the Hill - 10 Minutes
Download Link
King of the Map - Lichen Unto Death - 12 minutes
Download Link
A Poison Holiday (Light) - Flag Rally - 12 minutes
Download Link

You can find a preview of Week 6 and 7's map picks in the Map Picks thread.

Sudden Death Rules
The team who becomes Top Bracket Champions earn a bye week in DE3, while the Bottom Bracket Finals are played.
Sudden death rules for DE2 and DE3 will be a 6th game of The Winter Series - Territories - 10 Minutes.
If the Top Bracket Champs beat the Bottom Bracket Champs in DE4, TWSX concludes and the cup is awarded to the Top Bracket Champs.
Sudden death rules for DE4 (The Finals) take place IF the Bottom Bracket Champion team beats the Top Bracket Champion team. This will result in a new match best of 7 being played, scheduled up to one week following the 'first half' of the finals (similar to the two-match finale of TWS2016).

A lot of the matches have been delayed over the past 4 weeks, if teams are able to reach a 6v6 scenario they should proceed no more than 15 minutes after the time scheduled between the two team's captains; regardless of a defaulted fallback time or not. There is little to no reason to punish those who have shown up on time to play, and takes away from the interest of actually playing overall. Keep the matches smooth with some confidence, time waits for no man.

Players who are eliminated are allowed to play as substitutes or be added to other team's rosters following their elimination.

Best of luck!

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