TwsX NEWS II: Pre-Season begins this week! Tell yer pappy!

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TwsX NEWS II: Pre-Season begins this week! Tell yer pappy!

Postby par73 » 12 Mar 2018, 12:20

Well gents, I think it's time to see,
how great Myth could be, in 2018!

This week will kick off the beginning of TwsX with the preseason matches for those who have registered thus far.

Week 1 Schedule:

March 16th, 2018
11:00 PM Friday, Eastern Time (ET) - 8:00 PM Friday, Pacific Time (PT) - 5:00 AM Saturday, Finland Time (EET)

March 18th, 2018
2:00 PM Sunday, Eastern Time (ET) is 11:00 AM Sunday, Pacific Time (PT) - 8:00 PM Sunday, Finland Time (EET)

Both games will focus between teams TANDEM BIKE (TB; generally managed by Akira and Milk) and Band of the Red Hand (RH; generallymanaged by Lord Scary Owl), with Bagrada Hilaris (BH; generally managed by garnish) holding substitute superiority over those who have not signed up yet.

This weeks Preseason Maps:
included in rar: thaw, the barrens 1.2, stalk 1.1
(9.94 MiB) Downloaded 38 times

If I had a Trow (NUT) - Assassin - 12 minutes
Calm Before the Storm - Territories - 10 minutes Download by badlands
Stalk on the Borderland - Flag Rally - 12 minutes Download by Stinger
The Barrens - Last Man on the Hill - 10 minutes Download by Rohan
The Desert Between Your Ears - Stampede! - 12 minutes

How will this work?
One player from one of the three teams needs to be the host, I would dedicate to hosting myself but I am unsure of my complete availability during these match times. Select the best host for everyone, alternatively, you could all play on equally the worst host for everyone. This gives a great dial up experience and is out of respect for players like THOR who have to lag on our hosts every gata time.
Teams have a 5-15 minute grace period at the specific times to organize their team, draft substitutes to fill in the spots on their roster and have the appropriate 3rd party selections in their plugins folder. In example, games on 3/16/18 should kick off at/by 11:15 PM ET, 8:15 PM PT, 5:15 AM EET. Please be respectful of each other's time: we all are running out, are we not? :ugeek: :mrgreen: Even then, if there is a neutral host, please avoid 7v8 scenarios.

Hierarchy of Substitutes goes like this:
    1) Players from Bagrada Hilaris (BH; captained by garnish)
    2) Players who have advertised they are available to play/substitute via these forums @
    3) All players who are online at scheduled gametime™ and offer to substitute in a match for the first time
    4) All players who are online at the gametime™ and offer to substitute in a match, and have substituted in previous matches.

Goal of Preseason 1? Simply, play through the 5 assigned 2team maps and post here that they are complete, bonus points if we can do this for both scheduled times and if one play's Myth before and after both scheduled times.
Kudos if you can attach links to the game via when posting results

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