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Postby c⁄J⁄Iılk c⁄J⁄Iån ◊§t◊ » 06 Jun 2017, 00:52

The FFA League scoring system will be undergoing its first change this year. Rather than the traditional "play to win" structure where only the winning player gains points scoring will be as follows:

• Each player receives two points for each player that places below them +/- a point for each team's player differential and loses two points +/- for each player that places above them +/- the player differential. By player differential I mean the difference in the number of players. For example, if I win a four start by myself against 3 teams of 2 then I receive 2x6 points for the win +3 points for the player differential, 15 points. Conversely, if I get last place in a four start with a team of three against three teams of 2 then I lose 15 points.

• The first player to reach 180 points will be proclaimed the FFA League Champion.

• The top twelve players will be invited to the FFA League Playoffs & seeded according to their performance in FFA League.

• The first week of play is an unscored, preseason match.

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