Games Begin This Saturday 4/22/17 3 PM EST

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Games Begin This Saturday 4/22/17 3 PM EST

Postby par73 » Tue Apr 18, 2017 10:59 am

Show and play, boys! Matches kick off this weekend!
You got the Asmodian Zaknafein showdown in one host, and the Par and Garnish rumble in the other host.

Neutral hosts for these matches would be exquisite, I'd prefer no host advantages all tournament if it was possible ! If you're not registered for a team, not interested in playing, have some free time, a good host and more interested in spectating, the participants would love to utilize your hosting abilities during this event ! Sign on by 2:45 PM and let the captains know you are available to host for them if needed. We will all appreciate it, thank you !

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