Games Begin Today!

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Games Begin Today!

Postby par73 » 31 Mar 2017, 13:56

I will now be accepting live results for the 1v1 tournament! Good luck to everyone who plays!
You have 3 weeks to complete at least 4 matches to qualify for the Round Robin/Double Elimination.
Good Luck!



Who Picks First:
The lower seeded player picks first. If there are no seeds, use common sense in the lesser player picking first or figure it out however you want. It is win by 2 so it really doesn't matter.

Game Options:
-These are open 1v1 duels, which means every game is no vets, normal difficulty, trading on, 30-60 sec PT, map on, etc.
-Use the honor system for maps with big start advantages in certain situations (grave/web LMOTH, etc. [I honestly suggest restarting the game until the map is balanced]), and for game restarts with obvious game-deciding lagouts / freezes. If there are any disputes, finish the match then bring it up later if it even matters.
-You alternate map picks, you cannot pick the same map twice unless your opponent agrees (you can pick something your opponent picked though).
-The only 3rd party plugin allowed will be the Proving Ground Dueling Pack made by SamTheButcher. You may play other 3rd party maps, and use other game options, but only if both players agree.

You can get the PG Dueling Pack Plugin on SamTheButcher's site here:

Or at theTain here: ... ing-pack-1

-Gate of Storms (GoS) will be the metaserver for this tournament (we need the easy access to films). Patch 1.8.1, build 434 will be the version of myth for this tournament.

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