TA without tea

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TA without tea

Postby Lord---Scary Owl » 05 Sep 2016, 20:37

tirri - 5 best European, best trow, best everything, best father probably, mostly honorary
East Wind - 5 best American in the tourney, amazing trow, amazing everything else can pawn u with less units with 1 hand
cruniac - high 4 great trow, great archer, overall great BCer, not as good 2t as EW or tirri
Gekko - high 4 still active which is amazing given he is an NP player, can pawn u in Finnish
arzenic - 4 less active than gecko, but still as good, great BC and strategist
limp - 4 weird guy, great BC with good map awareness and captain skill, could be a high 4
adrenaline - 4 I'm just bored, says adren after he dies, but will most likely wreck your units
paris - 4 lol too high to think straight anymore, but in tournament games he cuts the weed allowance in half, watch out
Dantski - 4 Super Happy Fun Slide your weak unwary butt, Lord Dantski to you
Lizard King - 4 had high expectations for syn, whether his team is #1 or not he is still a great BC player
Chron1 - 4 less active than before, would normal rate him under ghengis but ghengis is ghengis in 2016
Ghengis - low 4 rust, read chron1
SlatE - low 4 BC superstar, less aware on the 2t field but once given instructions, run away from him
asmo - high 3 asmo has been known to piggy back crun, gkg, and EW, but regardless hes a competent player alone
Zak - high 3 ZAK ZAK ZAK ZAK ZAK, one time zak lost his soul and he hated humanity, gotta love zak
Kryptos - high 3 Kryptos can take and do well any role he is given, he is map aware to which is great
Ratking - high 3 good strategist, sometimes his trades are wtf, also not bad at BC, led syn to #2
ska - high 3 ska bear the cuddle man (read that in a singing tune), great captain, also also not bad at BC
akira - 3 akira can get angry and unreasonable, but with a clear head he can do some dmg (except against asmo)
HMP - 3 HMP is a great player able to accept any role and do well, reliable player on the 2t field
argos - 3 just like akira, angry but he gets tilt more, still a good player for many roles
LordScaryOwl - 3 Good at BC, has been told he is unaware on the 2t field though, led GoM to #3
Coca-Cola - 3 he's a great player BC or 2t, even though none of you know him hes great to have on a team
shadow - 3 always angry, always... hes good at BC and not to bad at 2t, trustworthy
rabican - 3 so old and fat I hear, hes not bad for not playing in 5 years, DOTA 2 Wanna Be Champ
Garrick - low 3 Ska #2, but less of a strategist, he is good at BC but not good with crowds
wwo - low 3 wwo had to lead BT in mwc, hes a good player, and he understands Homer's Defense Abilities
Trevelyan - low 3 for being inactive so long, I am surprised trev is as good as he is, good BC and 2t aware
Funk - high 2 funk is that polish myther no one knows, he is good at myth in many aspects
killerking - high 2 killerking is a chef if you didn't know, a chef that's good at myth and reliable to show up
Shaitan - high 2 rust, shaitan is a real syn member, he can BC well and 2t, but not as fast as he used to be
nitro - 2 rust, ive played one tournament with nitro, he isn't bad but he has been inactive for a long time
SomeLoser - 2 rust, I know he is NP which is an auto 2 balls even being so rusty, I don't know honestly how good
Flatline - 2 its not 2001 old perv, stfu and kys maybe.. it would make the world a better place, also don't ask about my penis
Jeff the Meek - low 2 rust, honestly have never played with him, but I hear he was good back in the day, HOTS w/limp
TB - low 2 rustyyyyy AF, was great player back in 2002, its been a while and TB isn't near what he used to be
Scratch - low 2 was potentially the best player for PoR, but not that good ta myth
Cheezefist - low 2 Cheeze is a great cartoon artist, amazing actually, his M2 skills aren't up there though
garnish (wonka) - low 2 kind of bad but fun spirited and he didn't fail to hard for NI this year
Revan - low 2 he just spends his time on co-ops all day with Fury and Souly
Father Xmas - low 2 xmas is notoriously bad, but he isn't as awful as he used to be
bachner - high 1 bachner is a noob, and he claims it, but he is a fast learner and he listens well
switch - high 1 a bad captain, but he doesn't try hard enough
Tycho X - low 1 will claim he is a noob, hasn't played in 2 years with no tourney experience

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Re: TA without tea

Postby Coca-Cola » 05 Sep 2016, 21:32

I was going to post ball ratings, but it gets really hard to make small distinctions between players that you don't personally have much experience with.

Instead, this is my personal Dream Team if I could pick 9 other players from the list to play with (assuming 10 player teams).

Tirri: King of Balance. Psychological and intellectual acumen. Trustworthy as both a teammate and in his opinions on Myth and other players. 5 Balls.

East Wind: I doubt anyone takes this game more serious than EW. He is super micro oriented, but does that while keeping overall awareness of what's happening in the game as well as what needs to happen in the future to win. His biggest downfall is his ego, but his desire to win seems to eclipse it most of the time. He seems to only like to interact and team with players who he is close with, so he might be the overall worst fit for this team.

Cruniac: He is a 5 star BCer. With smaller unit sets there basically is no better fighter. He can be a self-admitted dick if he doesn't like someone, but if you pay attention he is very fair even to newbies unlike a lot of "nicer" players. His weak point is probably captaining or maybe strategy, but he's obviously a quick learner and can follow orders unlike several other top BC style players.

Dantski: I actually don't know a ton about this player, but he feels very balanced in both ability and personality. Judging by my little experience with him and others opinions of him, he is one player that I would like a chance to play with or under his captaining.

HMP: Focused. He doensn't waste time typing, crying, bragging, etc. He's not someone I would specifically fear in a BC fight, but it's not a weakness for him either. He is really well rounded and level headed. He can captain, make decisions on the fly, and stand his ground against almost anyone in a fight.

LSO: His skill graph is constantly rising and I trust him. He can be annoying to those on his bad side, but that is a benefit if you aren't. He's underrated and under respected and hopefully will continue to improve.

Rabican: Pure myth ability coursing through his veins. He could show up after 3 years of inactivity, have 3/4 of a bottle of Finlandia floating in his bloodstream, and he would still be a 3 ball player and 4 ball captain.

Garrick: His weakness might be tunnel vision and confidence, but his BC ability seems to be underrated from what I've seen. He can make good decisions and his lack of ego allows him to follow orders and take one for the team.

Arzenic: He's the definition of solid, but I get the feeling he's a classic misanthrope. Like East Wind, he doesn't seem to interact or even acknowledge with anyone outside of his close proximity. This attribute would most likely be a boon for the team assuming he stays motivated to show up and play.

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Re: TA without tea

Postby Coca-Cola » 05 Sep 2016, 21:40

I just realized I forgot Gekko. He would definitely be my first pick after LSO for my tournament team.

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